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One of the first things that almost every website owner, especially those interested in SEO, is curious is how many ranks they have on Google. If you are doing SEO studies or getting professional service in this sense, you will be curious about the keyword you are targeting, in which order you are in search engine position, you want to follow.
Many of these online queue-finding services are experts who provide Professional SEO services, but can be a very useful resource for those who do not know at all, are new to SEO or want to improve their level

Here are 10 free queue finder services, some of which I use regularly. By combining these free services, I tried to give brief information about how they can be used. Hopefully, it benefits your business!

Google queue finder services

1) Google Search Console

Of course, it is necessary to place GSC, one of Google’s best services, at the top of the list. With Google’s Webmasters Tools, which is the main hub of all queue finders, you can see which of your keywords get more clicks, rise or fall, etc. It is one of the advanced SEO services that you can follow many actions. In backlink analysis, internal optimization, mobile testing, and so on. It contains many useful tools. The best part is that Google has its own service, so you can get spot-on results.
To learn your turn on Google, follow this. Perform the search and come back to the address line of the browser and search again by typing num = 100 & after the & sign next to the word you searched. In this way, the first 100 results will be listed. You can see the result by searching your own site with the help of Ctrl + F. Although it does not indicate that you are in the rank, it is possible to get an eye decision.

Click here to go to Google Search Console .

2) SerpSurf

SerpSurf is a web service that works very well among free rank finders. It allows you to control 5 different keywords at the same time and brings the results quite fast.
You can go to the website by clicking here.

3) WhatsMySerp

WhatsMySerp is one of the popular and free SERP controllers. It offers a web software service that is easy to use, where you can learn your mobile and location-based ranking status, and even automatically follow the daily rankings of the keywords you set after signing up for free. Moreover, unlike other confusing software, it is very easy to use.
I leave the link here, by clicking directly you can access the website.

4) Serpbot

Serbot, like other free queue finder services, has a fast and practical web software infrastructure. As a free member, you can save projects and have your keywords automatically and regularly tracked. In addition, automatic alert, annotation, location detailing, automatic report etc. You can also benefit from many possibilities.
You can go to the website by clicking here.


SerpWatch is an online queue finder software that allows you to track your keywords by creating a Free membership and works in a similar way with other queue finders. It can be used as an alternative even though it occasionally slows down and stays for a while.
You can access the site by clicking the link.

6) Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools, as the name implies, is an online service that includes many SEO analysis tools. Using this online service, you can find out how many you rank on Google.
You can access this service, which contains many different tools for the enthusiast, from the following link.

7) Serp Tracking (Requires membership)

Serp Takip is a Google queue tracking program I use frequently because it is national and it does really successful works. You have a free membership and try it out. Although it has systematically minor deficiencies, I can say that it has been largely successful and accurate. By the way, you have to buy it after 14 days trial. Although it can be used at very affordable prices, it would still be much better if there was a chance of “limited but continuous use or use without membership” for free users.
You can access the site from here.

Partner with competitive innovations

With these online queue finder services that I share, you can learn our location on Google, combine it with other analysis tools that offer additional tools, and strengthen your infrastructure and get healthy results. Because in order to be a partner in competitive innovations, pursuits are essential.

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