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Advertising Rules of Google

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With the help of advertising, Google serves you with many services for free. Like others, you’re using free services are possible only with the help of Advertising. Google Worked very hard to keep ads secure, low-key, and as compatible as possible.

For Example, You won’t see Google’s pop-ups ads. Google ends hundreds of thousands of publishers’ accounts defy Google’s Policies. Including ads contain malware ads, and protect us from fabricating ads or protect from those ads that corrupt your information.

Cookies in advertising

Cookies help advertisers to reach their audiences. Without cookies, difficult to detect how many ads are delineated to the audience and how many bangs advertisers received. Many platforms like blogs, news sites, or any other social websites using Google Ads to show ads to their visitors. Ensure Google may use cookies for many purposes.

For Example, Google uses cookies to stop displaying the same ads again and again to catch and stop invalid clicks. Google uses cookies to display more relevant ads ( For Example if you visit a food site you’ll see ads related to content.) 


Google stores the record of ads in the form of logs and, these logs commonly include your requested web address, you IP, type of your browser, your browser’s language and the time and date which you put a request on Google and, also stores more than one file especially helpful for Google to entirely analyze your browser.

Google’s aim of this stored data to maintain the security of Servers and bettering the services. Google anonymizes this data (Logs) like part of you (IP) after 3 months and cookie information after 18 months. 

Google Advertising Cookies


For partners, Google offers many products like Adsense, Adwords, Google Analytics, and a wide range of Double-Click Branded Services.

You’ll see an ad using one of the above-provided services when you visit a website. These cookies may be sent from disapparate domains like Google, Double-Click, Google Syndication, Google Ads Services, or the domain of Google’s Colleagues.

How Google’s Colleagues can control advertising cookies

You can manage your Ads setting that you see and quit ads personalization. Alike if you quit ads personalization, you may stable see ads based on your aspects like your Ip, general location, the type of your browser, and the type of your search.

Google provides such tools to manage your company’s cookies for advertising online. Such known tools that are created under self-organization programmers are AboutAdsInfo Choices and Your-Online-Choices and you may also control your cookies flow in your web-browser.

Which other Technologies Google used for Advertising?


Google also uses many other technologies for displaying attractive ads like Flash, HTML5. Google also used your Internet Protocol (IP) Address to display more admissible ads. For Example:  to analyze your location Google may select advertising based on your information like your device (IP), your type of browser, your device model, or information based on your device’s sensor like the accelerometer.


Google can receive and derive information about your locale through many sources.

For Example, Google may use IP to retrieve your location, Uses a search engine to locate you. Google may locale you through your mobile device etc.


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