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Get your Cashback with Adzooma & Revolut

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Reduce your ad spend on Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Ads with this exclusive Revolut refund offer with Adzooma.

These days, great refund opportunities can be found for a large number of online purchases. But have you ever seen a pay-back deal for advertising expenses? Now you have it.

Their latest exclusive deal is to celebrate their partnership with FinTech giants Revolut and give you an easy way to reduce your advertising spending. And it’s really simple.

When you pay through Revolut and connect to Adzooma, you’ll get money back on your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ad accounts.

This is a real cash refund on all your ad spend, so try their refund calculator and see how much you’ll save.

This special offer is only available to Adzooma and Revolut users – you won’t find any other savings like this for your marketing campaigns. Fortunately, anyone can be a user in three simple steps.

Even better, signing up for Revolut and using the Adzooma platform is free – so you have nothing to lose and not a lot of refunds to earn.

Why did Adzooma partner with Revolut?

With more than 12 million users, more than 12,000 daily registrations, and monthly transactions of $5.5 billion, Revolut is the fastest growing FinTech in Europe and a highly respected brand.

Seeing similarities between their goals and goals in April this year, Adzooma and Revolut teamed up to offer users new and exclusive deals.

Revolut offers a simple and innovative way to manage your money from a single app. It has many forward-thinking features that give you a flexible and open way to deal with your entire finances.

Using the app really feels like you’re in the future: moving away from cumbersome designs, Revolut offers a stylish and intuitive way to deal with a formerly boring subject.

Everything you need is at your fingertips. Get push notifications quickly and easily, set budgets, and see weekly insights into your spending. They are also 7 times better at stopping card fraud than regular banks, so if it’s at the top of your security list, this is who you need to be with.

Revolut helps you reduce unnecessary costs with minimum wages and easily manage your global finances. Revolut, which allows you to link other accounts, earn unique discounts and earn daily interest in one place, really shows a way around the financial world.

By accepting each other as experts in their field, they collaborated with Revolut because they are also looking for new ways to revolutionize the industry for their customers. Saving time, money and improving things radically are just a few of the things they both work on every day.

Adzooma’s latest offering offers an easy way to save your online advertising in just 3 simple steps.

How it works

Everything about this deal is simple but incredibly rewarding.

To request a refund on your ad spend:

  1. Open a Revolut account: Go to the Revolut sign-up page to open a new business account – free of charge.
  2. Connect your ad accounts: then you need to link your Google, Facebook, and/or Microsoft accounts to Adzooma. Again, this is free to do. (Important: To qualify, you need to link your Revolut business card to your ad accounts.)
  3. Enjoy your refund: that’s it! When you set up both accounts, you will receive a monthly cashback statement with quarterly payments.

But that’s not all …

Claim extra privileges
They always like to give users as much extra as possible. So in addition to making a great refund for nothing, this offer also gives you:

Cashback Awards
Get back a percentage of the purchase price by shopping from dozens of brands like Amazon, TUI, National Express, Trainline, and HelloFresh using your Revolut card.

Discount Rewards
Get an instant discount on the seller’s store when you pay using Revolut (by card, online or using Apple Pay/Google Pay).

200 Virtual Cards
This is huge! You can get up to 200 virtual payment cards in a single account, which will make it easy to keep all your ad accounts separate and easily manageable.

Interbank Exchange Rate
Transfer money abroad in more than 30 currencies with an interbank exchange rate, charge a small fee of 0.5% for any fee over £1,000 each month. Instantly send money all over the world without hidden fees. And whether it’s on the other end of the table or halfway around the world, instantly send or ask for money or share bills with friends and family.

This offer is for EU users only at the beginning. However, if you live in the US, you can still pre-register using their link, and this deal will be available in January 2021.

A big move for paid advertising

Getting a refund on ad spend is unprecedented.

Lowering the cost of your Google, Facebook and Microsoft ads is something businesses of all sizes are interested in, which is why they brought it to life in such a simple way. From now on, keep your eyes open for what they will publish in partnership with Revolut – it will be big.

Make the most of this offer may be the best thing you do for your business during the month. Sign up for Revolut and Adzooma for free today to save money, improve your business and see what everyone is talking about.

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