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All About New iPhone 12 You Need To Know

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What you need to know about iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro leaks
The iPhone 12 expected to land soon and, for the first time for Apple, could join up to three other phones. Which rumored to call iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

News About New iPhone

There should be more iPhone options than ever this year. Especially once you consider the iPhone SE (2020) that released earlier this year.

While we know that this new iPhone range will arrive soon. We don’t know exactly when it would usually be in early September. But there are many reports of delays. And even Apple has said that phones will arrive in stores later than normal.

But we still hope that the next phones will be in expert hands before the end of October. And they may still announce in September, so the wait should almost be over.

And it’s a wait that should be worth it, as we expect great updates, including the first iPhone 5G. With the deployment of 5G networks around the world. This will make new phones much more future-proof than the iPhone 11 range.

Leaks and rumors also suggest that iPhone 12 Pro models will get a LiDAR scanner, just like the iPad Pro 2020. And we’ve also heard of new screen sizes (starting with tiny 5.4 inches and exceeding the big 6.7 inches).

I’m sure there will also be an enormous improvement in power. And there have also been many other changes and improvements.

In fact, we have a good idea of what to expect from most aspects of the iPhone 12 range. And you’ll find all the credible things we’ve heard so far, along with our expert analysis.

That includes a breakdown of all rumoured specifications and features, plus the likely release date and price. And we’re adding to this article constantly, as leaks keep popping up. So, will check regularly if you want to keep up with everything related to the new iPhone.

The latest iPhone News

Will any of the iPhone 12 models have a 120-rate refrigerate? One source said this is unlikely, but someone else shared the footage of the setting screen that suggests such a rate.

In addition, we have heard more about face ID upgrades and camera configuration and video recording capabilities of iPhone 12 ProMax. You can read everything about these potential upgrades in the following sections.

When will the iPhone 12 come out?

video recording capabilities of iPhone 12 ProMax. You can read everything about these potential upgrades in the following sections.
The iPhone 11 Pro Max from 2019 (Image credit: Future)

Usually the new iPhone models sound like watches. But Apple has now said the iPhone 12 series won’t go on sale until a few weeks after normal, which probably means in October.

The most recent leaked release date is on the same line as this, because Jon Prosser (a leak with a mixed history) said the iPhone 12 series will announced in the week starting October 12 (which could mean an announcement on Tuesday, Oct. 13, because Apple often explains something on Tuesdays.)

Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and 12 Max would apparently open the same week – possibly according to Apple’s past form Friday, October 16. After that, phones will apparently spend per week starting October 19 (probably means Friday, October 23).

However, it looks like the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will not pre-order or sent until November. However, we will address these claims with a pinch of salt. Especially since Mark Gorman (an Apple leak with an outstanding record) responds with a thumb-down emoji, suggesting that they think Prosser is wrong.

Plus, at least one source said the announcement day would be September 8. Which may be the proper date for buying phones to push back, but this contradicts Prosser’s above claims.

We would say that September was almost certain when we saw the phones. And in the past years, it was usually the second week of the month. New iPhones are almost always explained on a Tuesday, and 9/8 September makes sense when kept in mind.

However, as Apple itself says, there is a delay in the phones’ up-to-market times. So there may be a delay in the announcement, as Prosser suggested.


Another report from “multiple suppliers in China”, suggests that the iPhone 12 series will not announced until the end of October. 4G models will soon go to stores and 5G iPhone 12 models will win. It’s on sale until November.

A source suggests that the 5G models, which will now make their first landing, will not potentially come until early 2021. So, we’re not sure what’s right there.

Surprising the release date of the models is something the reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested. And he says the phone will probably be bigger models after September. Kuo said so many times, even in early August.

An executive at Broadcom, a manufacturer expected to supply components for the new iPhone, also suggested a delay. While a report in The Wall Street Journal suggested that production of the iPhone 12 had delayed by about a month.

Some sources even say Reuters could enter 2021, claiming there could be a delay.

Another rumor is that mass production of the iPhone 12 series is four weeks to two months behind schedule. Which could mean a major delay, but Apple is doing its best to minimise the delay?

Meanwhile, other rumors suggest that Apple finished its last test at the end of June and entered mass production in July, which seems more promising.

So when will you get your iPhone 12? We can’t say for sure. Apple’s comment is not specific, and this may only be a reference to when phones go on sale. Most of the rumors appear to show a delay between one and two months, so October or November seems unlikely – but phones may have announced before that.

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