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All Details About Web Design and Coding Department

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Hello friends, the title is a bit like a car ad title 🙂 but I think it will be good for you to get this information from a graduate. Anadolu University Open Education Faculty, which provides distance education services, is located in our country. There are many departments in OEF, where undergraduate and associate degree education is provided. In 2016, AÖF, Web Design and Coding section was added to these departments with different branches.

Having been involved in web design and coding for a long time, I wanted to register immediately when I heard that the department was opening. As part of the second university, I was able to register without taking the university entrance exam since I had completed the university before. As one of the first graduates of the Web Design and Coding department, which is a 2-year department, I graduated by completing it in May 2018.

In this article, I will convey information about the department, informing the lessons, suggestions and what you will encounter, and wish to be a guide for those who are considering registering in the light of this information. If there are issues that you do not understand or wonder despite what has been described, you can ask for comments. I try to provide guiding and enlightening information as much as I can.

What is Web Design and Coding Department, What is not?

As it is understood from the name of the department, it is a department opened to train qualified personnel who will work on the design, coding and publishing of a website. It is aimed that students who complete the department will learn how to design a web, what to pay attention to during the design process, how to translate these designs into code.

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How to publish them and how to manage the site on the air. In other words, the person who finishes this section will not be dealing with how to format, how to set up a network network, such as computing. Generally, it can be perceived as a computer engineer when it is said to be a website, and when a web developer is said, it is the person who fixes the PC and makes a format. Briefly, this is the definition of the task.

Which sections can be passed with DGS when Web Design and Coding is Over?

When you finish school, you can take the DGS exam and switch to the 4-year undergraduate departments of the following departments. It is among the schools of these departments in major universities such as METU. So, with DGS, you can graduate from good schools after the transition. The departments that can be passed with DGS are as follows (Undergraduate program information was taken from OSYM);

  • Computer Science
  • Computer engineering
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Mathematics and Computer
  • Software engineering
  • I entered DGS this year and I am thinking of switching to one of the sections I marked in dark. If it happens, I will share that process with you again.

Update (03.03.2019): I was able to write, albeit late. I switched to Ankara University Computer Engineering with DGS. You can access the detailed article on the subject from AÖF Web Design and Coding through DGS.

Which lessons and at what times are they taught in the department?

The department has a total of 4 academic semesters. Here, some courses, field courses and some courses are additional courses such as Turkish and History.

If you are studying as a second university, you can apply during registration to be exempted from some courses. Generally, people who have completed their undergraduate or associate degree will take 90% of the courses. That may be exempted below, and being exempted from these courses will ease your course load.

There are 4 groups of courses that you can exempt and there are 8 courses in total. The courses are as follows;

Basic Information Technologies I – 3 Credits (Basic functions such as the use of programs such as Word, Excel, social networks, internet, PC usage are explained.)
Foreign Language I * – 0 Credits
Basic Information Technologies II – 3 Credits
Foreign Language II * – 0 Credits
Ataturk’s Principles and History of Revolution I – 3 Credits
Turkish Language I – 3 Credits
Ataturk’s Principles and History of Revolution II – 3 Credits
Turkish Language II – 3 Credits

  • Foreign Language I Course: It is one of the ALM101U-German I. FRA101U-French I or İNG101U-English I courses preferred in the new registration phase.

By choosing to be exempt during the application, it saved me from a burden. If you are exempt from all of the above courses, you will have 6 courses left each semester.

How does the Course Training and Exam System Work?

Lessons continue through a portal as it is distance education. When you register for the department, at the beginning of each semester. You receive textbooks from OEF offices free of charge. Digital formats of the same books are also available on the portal. In the portal called E-Campus, you follow the lessons with methods such as unit summary, full lesson, video or audio narration.

There is no obligation to attend classes, to attend classes at the specified time. If we come to the subject that I suffered most. It may be difficult to work because we are the first students of the department, without any previous questions or lack of auxiliary materials for some courses. OEF departments with long training

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