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An error in Windows 10 could slowly ruin your SSD

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Fortunately, a correction is on its way. Microsoft is testing windows 10 error fix that could cause the operating system to mere solid-state drives (SSDs) more frequently than needed. While it is a good thing that a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) periodically combined. Doing so too often on SSDs can disrupt their integrity and shorten their lifetime of use.

In simple words, the merge is repositioning scattered data bits on a drive to sit side by side. It’s about how data that written to drivers. The data written in blocks on your storage drive. And the more you access files, the more scattered it can become on your hard drive or semiconductor drive.


This dispersion can cause performance on the hard disk to decrease. Because it takes time to rotate the plates and retrieve file fragments from original locations on the disk. Merge organizes these blocks side by side for faster access. HP uses a cabinet analogy full of boxes containing clothes and is worth reading for more descriptions.

SSDs behave differently, there are no moving parts or plates, and NAND flash memory cells only be wrote several times. Therefore, frequent consolidation can shorten the life of an SSD.

As noticed by Bleeping Computer, when Microsoft released the May 2020 update for Windows 10. It created an error that incorrectly identified when a driver was last optimized in OptimizeD. When you open it, you may notice that your SSD says “Optimization”, even if the routine is ran recently (Windows 10 automatically handles this).

System Terms

Windows 10 combines your SSD with each timetable you restart your system. I could verify it on my computer, fortunately I almost never restarted it. However, the most harmful place is for users who turn their computers on and on every day; this causes Windows 10 to merge their SSDs once a day sometimes.

Windows 10 can usually distinguish whether a driver can combine a harmless TRIM process depending on its type. However, if volume snapshots are tenable. So you can return to a backup using System Restore, it combines the drive even if it has an SSD.

Regardless, Microsoft has a fix applied to the Windows Insider program.

Microsoft, “Optimize Drivers Control Panel, optimization does not work on some devices incorrectly. Thank you for reporting that the incorrectly showed. We fixed it in this structure,” he says.

It seems Microsoft plans to make the fix public with an upcoming update. It’s probably best to stand firm. However, by typing ‘Merge and Optimize Drivers’ in the Windows 10 search box. You can eliminate the problem, then highlight your SSD, click ‘Change settings’, and deselect Run by program ‘ option.

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