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Apple event 2020: Apple Watch 6, iPad Air 4 and what else to expect on September 15

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The announcement of the next Apple Event gadget has officially approved on September 15, and I expect several new devices to appear. That’s all I know and suspect about this case. Like WWDC 2020, the September Apple Event held only online and will begin at 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time / 13:00 ET / 18:00 ET Standard Time (4 UAE dirhams in Australia September 16). While Apple has not yet confirmed where it will go, the precedent suggests that it will be broadcast live on Apple and YouTube.

Apple confirmed the date of September 15 with the help of a cute augmented reality logo in an invitation sent to the press after rumors about the incident on September 8. These are some assumptions about the event’s motto: Time Flies (blue on phones? screens with higher upgrade frequency)?) Led:

What I’ve heard from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shows that the iPhone 12 won’t release until October, which won’t be at the September 15 event.

“Time flies” can an accurate clue that only the Apple Watch 6 and other devices (perhaps iPad Air 4, as it is said).

iPhone 12

Since Apple usually announced its iPhone series in September last year, I expected the iPhone 12 to be announced at the Apple Time Flies event. But it may not be so.

Gourmet detailed his assertion in a Bloomberg report, saying the phones would not release until Oct. However, the new software for the phone – iOS 14 – will release in September, and it will be able to download compatible iPhone (iPhone 6S and newer).

According to a Bloomberg report, the iPhone 12 will have a new design, updated cameras, and 5G support. Rumors and leaks in recent months have resurfaced about the latest iPad Pro, which I haven’t seen since the iPhone 5S, but haven’t seen what we’ve expected from Apple’s next flagship phones. Model.

We also expect four different iPhone 12 models – two cheaper and less functional devices similar to the iPhone 11 (with screens of 5.4 and 6.1 inches) and two more expensive versions (with a screen diagonal of 6.7 and 6.7 inches). most likely, it’s the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. We expect that one or both of the more expensive models will support 5G, but there will be no more available pairs.

Apple Watch 6

We’ve heard a lot of rumors that the Apple Watch 6 will unveil in early September, but as we await its announcement, Apple has announced the Time Flies event. Fair enough – and with that name, we can assume we’ll show the smartwatch on September 15.

We don’t expect the Apple Watch 6 to be much different from its predecessor, but it’s rumor to have a few features that might appear in smartwatches. Most likely, the SpO2 sensor to monitor blood oxygen levels, which supplied with many other wearable devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, in 2020.

More bizarre estimates include a patent suggesting that a wearable device can buy a Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the screen. Another rumor suggests that the watch may have a temperature sensor.

iPad Air 4

Rumors suggest that the iPad Air 4 will release in September along with the Apple Watch 6, and we expect this to announce at the Apple Event. Of all the devices that can be launched, this is what we expect most after the release of the next Apple smartwatch.

While we don’t expect significant improvements from the iPad Air 3, the iPad Air 4 can remove the Lightning port for USB-C and extend the screen from a 10.5-inch to 11-inch screen that mimics the latest iPad. – both of them imitate the last iPad Pro.

Other possible features include switching from Touch ID to Face ID on the main button for biometric authentication and possibly the complete removal of the main button, but the leaks don’t agree on whether this will happen.

It is a rumor that the iPad Air 4 may have four stereo speakers and have the same chipset, the equivalent of the A14, which will appear on the iPhone 12.

Apple AirTags

We’ve been waiting for Apple AirTags for a while, and since it doesn’t work at WWDC 2020, the September Apple Event is the next opportunity to see how Apple applies accessories to an audience in tile style. The leak may be a plan from the start because it assumes that the special AirTags app will be part of iOS 14, which can be released after the show.

We’ve heard rumors about how the devices will work – like Tile, you can watch an AirTag (and whatever is shortened, keys or bags) through an iOS app.

But rumors point to other viewing capabilities, such as AR capabilities, that allow users to turn their cameras around to find digital balloons that represent misplaced AirTags within your iPhone’s range. But what if it’s out of range? Rumor “Lost Mode” uses other iPhones as a network to ping the lost AirTag.

Anything else?

e may be completely wrong with our above estimates, and something completely different can surprise us.

So far, it seems almost certain that we will see a new Apple Watch and a new iPad at the event, but Apple may instead be planning to announce something else entirely.

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