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Apple says ‘Fortnite’ hype is fading

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Apple has accused Epic Games of starting a legal fight between the two tech giants to deal with “Fortnite”
In a new document released Tuesday, Apple said the popularity of “Fortnite” before demand had declined.
Epic Games and Apple got into a fight after Apple broke their rules on App Store payments. And Apple automatically receive a commission of up to 30%.

Apple attacked Epic Games in a new court on Tuesday. Alleging that the manufacturer of “Fortnite” filed a lawsuit against in-app payments only to increase interest in the game.

Apple argued that interest in Fortnite had declined before the trial.

“For reasons that have nothing to do with Epic’s claims against Apple, Fortnite’s popularity is declining. By July 2020, interest in Fortnite declined by nearly 70% compared to October 2019 (created), appears to be part of a marketing campaign designed to revive interest in Fortnite,” Apple said at the presentation.

After the war between Apple and Epic Games broke out last month, “Fortnite” launched a campaign against. Apple with the hashtag #FreeFortnite and a tournament where players can win anti-Apple prizes. He also released a video that parodied Apple’s famous “1984” ad.

Since its launch in 2017, Apple has based 70% of Google Trends data showing how many people have been searching for “Fortnite”.

He also cited Yahoo Finance’s April report on an April report on a survey that found that other real battle games increased in popularity to “Fortnite”. And Bloomberg’s August 2019 report that said revenue from “Fortnite” had fallen.

Apple’s presentation is part of a battle with Epic about whether to allow the “Fortnite” app to return to the App Store. After Epic deliberately avoided App Store rules on in-app payments, Apple launched the App Store’s “Fortnite” app.

To run on the App Store, apps must use Apple’s payment system and commission between 15% and 30%. Epic replaced Apple’s payment system with its own system.

Epic attempted to issue a temporary restraining order to force Apple to reset “Fortnite”. That allegation rejected by a judge on August 25 and said Epic’s expulsion from the App Store did not prove it would result in irreparable harm. The judge also said Epic’s decision to break his contract with Apple intentionally.

Apple entered Epic’s new file because it asked the court for help. “Epic started a fire and poured gasoline on him, and now he’s asking this Court for urgent help to put it out. Though he can suddenly do it on his own, sticking to the contract sheets that manage Epic’s relationship with Apple for profit. Way. for years,” he said.

Apple said it could easily return to the App Store if Epic were to use Apple’s payment system again. Even as it continues to fight in court. “Epic himself can press a key to avoid causing more damage to ‘Fortnite’ or third-party players.”

And Epic argues that Apple’s payment system is not competitive and artificially inflates prices within apps.

Epic is not the only developer who follows the rule: other important players, including Spotify, said that the app is not competitive and that the system is the subject of antitrust research in the European Union.

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