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Best Guide to Choose Your Personal Trainer

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Regardless of your goals during training, a personal trainer can give you the advice and support you need to get there. If you want to lose weight, improve your muscles, run marathons, set a new personal record, or just improve your overall form, the right trainer can help you achieve this goal by taking into account your personal lifestyle, time commitments, and needs.

We talked to Starks Fitness head of personal trainer Tommy Owen about how to find a personal trainer and the questions you need to ask to find what’s right for you.

Where’s the best spot to locate a fitness coach?

The most obvious way is to access social media and start looking at coaches exercising in a local gym and check them out to see what they’re doing. The next way will be to go to the gym’s website to see the coaches they offer.

What are the most significant things to search for while picking a fitness coach?

Results! It’s so simple! Never work with a coach based on the way he looks because his goals can sometimes be different than what you want to achieve. When selecting a coach, act almost like an interview and run at least three.

Instructions to capitalize on your PT meetings

Ask questions about questions! If he thinks you can gain more weight or rehearse another, listen to the coach and then get him on board. You’re wasting time and money on coach, so make him work for him.

Is there any other advice you can give to someone who’s thinking of working with a personal trainer?

Don’t be cheap! Take half as the old saying! Try to invest in coaches because they always invest in learning to get the best results for their customers.

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