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Chromebooks vs laptops: which is the best for students?

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It can be difficult for students to decide between a Windows PC laptops or a Chromebooks, and the decision must make according to the student’s needs. Whether you’re looking for the best computer for yourself or your child, or looking for a cheap option for the class, we can help you make the right choice.

In this Chromebook and laptop guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of devices.

What is a Chromebook?

The Chromebook is a personal computer with chrome OS. With a Google Chrome browser, you can do anything with a Chromebook.

The Chromebook is a personal computer with chrome OS. With a Google Chrome browser, you can do anything with a Chromebook.

No update or software required, with a Chromebook you can only charge, open the cover, and start using it immediately.

What is a Chromebook? We’re going into more detail in the section. Guide. Also, make sure you browse our best Chromebook guide for more purchase advice.

What’s the difference between a Chromebook and a laptop?

Physically, a Chromebook and a Windows laptop looks like very similar. Laptops with keyboards, cameras, built-in screens and usually track pads. Most Chromebooks have a cover, some with the ability to turn into touch screens and tablet format.

However, there are some significant differences within the devices. Windows laptops have a variety of microprocessors, usually Intel and AMD chips.

Meanwhile, Chromebooks have lower-performance chips that better suit the relatively thin demands of Chrome OS. There are some expensive Chromebooks running on Intel Core chips, but most low-to-middle-class Chromebooks have lesser-known processors.

Traditional laptops run on an operating system called Windows 10 and run Windows applications. Windows PCs offer a robust set of features, including high-powered graphic cards, so they’re more versatile.

Your student can use the same computer to write a term assignment during the day and play Overwatch at night.

There are also laptops running Linux, an open source operating system, but they are relatively rare. Apple also makes its own laptops running on the MacOS operating system and known as MacBook.

Chromebooks are much less complex. They run Chrome OS based on a Chrome web browser. The latest Chromebooks can run Android apps and give them more versatility than in the past.

It should also note that Windows laptops typically have over 128 GB of local storage at the low end. Chromebooks typically contain approximately 16 GB of storage. This is because Chrome OS and the apps it runs don’t need as much storage as Windows. Chromebooks also designed to save your documents online by using services such as Google Drive to “cloud”.

Is it better to work at school than a Chromebook or laptop?

A Chromebook is an excellent choice for a student who primarily uses the computer for web browsing, word processing, or video and audio streaming. If Google-focused students can store their files on Drive, there’s no storage problem. They can also use SD cards and USB drives to store their documents.

A Chromebook is also a great low cost option for low-quality models, with prices dropping up to $100/$120/AU for the holiday season. However, if you choose a corporate or luxury option, such as the Google Pixelbook, a Chromebook may cost $US1,000/£1,000/$1,400.

For school work, the Chromebook wins because it has very few features. Without extra games or many apps, the Chromebook becomes a home office and allows students to access their classes online with a few distractions.

Students can write their homework with Google Docs and share their work directly from the Chromebook with their teachers or parents without the need to print them. The Microsoft Office suite is also available online, so students can easily create Word documents.

The Chromebook is also a hard-to-break device. If your student is prone to installing virus-laden programs, the Chromebook can easily delete and reset.

If the child is not knowledgeable about technology, there are several confusing functions: the Chromebook is an add-on and gaming device. Some new Chromebooks are physically slightly more sensitive, but most of the parts are plastic, so most can flip.

Windows laptop

As for a Windows laptop, this is more of an investment, but it provides versatility and convenience. You can create and store files on almost anything on a laptop.

A laptop also has many drawbacks to having a full-fledged computer. It will take time to start, require updates, and may even appear occasionally "blue death screen". Chromebooks rarely lock, and a simple restart when it is a peaceful solution.

A laptop also has many drawbacks to having a full-fledged computer. It will take time to start, require updates, and may even appear occasionally “blue death screen”. Chromebooks rarely lock, and a simple restart when it is a peaceful solution.

However, there are some tasks that are only easier on a Windows device. While Chromebooks traditionally struggle with direct printing, laptops do a quick job of printing documents. Accessing and editing files can also be distress in the Chromebook, but there are workarounds.

However, the versatility of a Windows laptop is a weakness, as there are more features for hackers to attack a laptop. Even if they’re only tracking scheduled software updates, computers need regular maintenance to keep them safe.

Chromebooks require much less maintenance, and Google has developed Chromebooks with security and security in mind, and there are defenses that work behind the scenes to protect you while you’re browsing the web.

One way to choose the right option for you is to give a Chromebook a test drive. You can only try to use Google Chrome on your desktop as a browser for a few days, and you can determine whether your student needs more features than the browser can provide. Use Chrome extensions only and use online apps such as Google Docs.

However, Windows offers a much more complete computing experience, but Google OS is a much cheaper and shrunken alternative that can be exactly what your student needs in class.

Back to School 2020 will definitely be different and we are here to guide you in what you need. Whether you’re really going back to school or taking classes online remotely, we offer a range of comprehensive guidelines for students, teachers and parents to help you buy the right technology and accessories.

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