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The Best Divi Black Friday Sale in 2020

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Crazy Elegant themes and third-party discounts, discounts, and gifts for Black Friday 2020 will begin on Friday, November 27. This page lists all Elegant Themes offers, as well as all sales from third-party Divi developers and some WordPress general agreements.

What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Divi Black Friday deals fall on the first Friday in the wake of Thanksgiving in the United States, and generally show the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, and retailers offer critical limits on items and administrations.

The shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving (and Cyber Monday) is the best season to purchase Elegant Themes participation, Divi designs, sub-themes, and additional items at the least costs.

Black Friday Deals on Elegant Themes 2020

The producers of Elegant Themes (Divi) have confirmed that they will announce the following for Black Friday;

  • 15,000 free rewards worth $800,000 to new Elegant Themes customers and existing customers who purchase upgrades
  • Divi Theme Builder packages exclusive to all those who benefited from the sale and to all life members available.
  • Exclusive WordPress discounts to third parties for all those who benefit from the sale and all available members.
  • Anyone can participate in the winning offer of the 1 Mac Pro for more than $6,000
  • Elegant Themes Black Friday 27 November 00:00 UTC-6 will begin.

Elegant Themes Black Friday deals for 2020
Store NameBlack Friday deal
Elegant Themes25% off Elegant Themes Memberships29th Nov – TBC
15,000 free prizes
Win an Apple Mac Pro worth $6,000
Exclusive Theme Builder packs and Divi layouts
Discounts in the official Divi Marketplace

25% off all Elegant Themes subscriptions
This remains to be confirmed, but based on 2019, I expect to see a 25% discount on all Elegant Themes subscriptions, including new accounts, upgrades and even expired account renewals.

The 25% promotion has been extended by several weeks from Black Friday and well after last year’s Cyber Monday, but free prices will usually go before the end of Black Friday.

15,000 free Divi and WordPress prizes worth more than $800,000

The 15,000 Divi and WordPress awards awarded to new and upgraded accounts are released in batches of 50 to 100 at a time, so if you want to get a particular price from the products available, you will need to make your purchase at the right time. . This will mean a lot of checking to see where the current sales gift is!

Once the promotion has begun, the Elegant Themes Offers page will list each of the prizes and show you what price is currently being distributed and how many units are left before the next batch of products.

Prices for new and upgraded accounts are different and distributed separately, so be sure to check that you are waiting for the right product.

Win an Apple Mac Pro worth more than $6,000

Elegant Themes offers a fully loaded iMac Pro to a randomly selected winner. It’s a high-end beast with a 27-inch Retina 5k display that would look great on the desktop of any Divi web designer.
There are many ways to get an entry by joining the mailing list, sharing on social networks or adding the sales date to your calendar.

Free Divi Theme Builder templates and layout packs

If you join Elegant Themes on Black Friday, upgrade your account to Lifetime, or are already a life member, you’ll have access to the exclusive Divi 4.0 Theme Builder packs and the Divi Layout Packs.

These layout packs and templates are only available in your Elegant Themes dashboard for a limited time, so it’s useful to download them all and save them for the time you need to use them. Once they are removed from your dashboard, you will no longer be able to access them.

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