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Do Not Pay $119 For Amazon prime Day Free Shipping

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With Amazon Prime Day directly around the bend, you’ll need to sign up for Prime ASAP. However, in case you’re hoping to pay under $119 for Amazon Prime, there are choices. In 2014, Amazon Prime rose from $79 to $99 annually. It was a first for Amazon Prime in the program’s nine-year history, and the online retail giant said the increase was needed to offset the fuel and shipping costs needed to deliver millions of products for free in two days. In 2018, Prime achieved another price increase of $99 to $119 annually.

It’s free to join Prime for 30 days, so you can try it without making the commitment that will last through that year. For example, to receive free shipping on your gift purchases, sign up for holidays and then cancel. There’s also the option to sign up for Prime for $12.99 per month, but if you plan to use it for any time, the $119 annual fee is a better deal.

Prime’s main advantage is free shipping in two days, but Prime members also receive streaming From Amazon Video, Amazon Prime Music, Prime Reading, and Amazon Photos. If you are a regular Amazon user, Prime is a great deal.

But maybe your budget is limited and you’re looking for ways to pay less than $119 for free Amazon Prime shipping and other benefits. Here are some options.

Join Amazon student

Students always get a discounted Amazon Prime fee when they join Amazon Student.

Sign-ups benefit from a six-month trial that includes two days of free delivery on Prime products, free same-day delivery to specific regions, and two hours of grocery delivery, as well as access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Games. , Amazon Photos, Prime Reading, Amazon Pictures, and Prime Wardrobe. When the six-month trial is completed, Amazon charges $59 a year, or $6.49 per month, for four years, depending on what comes first, or until you graduate. You’ll need a .edu email address to qualify for a student.

EBT or Medicaid discount for Amazon Prime Day

If you have a valid Electronic Profit Transfer Card (EBT) or Medicaid, you can sign up for Amazon Prime for up to four years for $5.99 per month. After confirming your Amazon accounts, you can enjoy free shipping in two days, Prime Now delivery in two hours, Prime Video, Prime Music, and Amazon Family discounts; Home sharing is not included. EBT/Medicaid status must be confirmed every 12 months; Amazon will send you an email to check it again.


The Finest Amazon Prime Day Free Shipping

If your game is free shipping, Amazon offers free shipping with delivery within 5 to 8 business days on orders of $25 or more for non-Prime. With millions of products, it’s not hard to raise enough products to reach $25. Some items are not suitable; Look for the “FREE Shipping” message on the product details page to see if your item is available. Amazon says you can get a free day of delivery with gift cards, but that doesn’t apply to a total of $25. If you only have $25, choose a cheap supplement.

Subscribe & Save your membership for Amazon Prime Day

Customers who tend to buy the same things should check the Subscribe and Save subscription. Although this does not cover everything on the site, members can save up to 15% on orders and benefit from free shipping on each subscribe and save order. Members must select the appropriate items and select a delivery program to subscribe. Although it’s not as comprehensive as Amazon Prime membership, it’s convenient and worth a visit.

Alternatively, you can always find other ways to get free delivery on the web. has a constantly updated database of thousands of free shipping discount codes for a large number of online stores., browser add-ons such as Coupons, InvisibleHand, and Honey in Checkout will find promo codes and discounts for most free deliveries in thousands of online stores.


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