Build Multi Vendor Store With Dokan Multivendor

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In this today guide, I’ll show you the right and easy way to build your own multi-vendor store or multi-vendor marketplace. In all of this tutorial, I’ll use the Dokan Multi Vendor plugin by Wedevs.

Before I’ll start I will tell short tell you about Wedevs. “It is a small company based in Bangladesh and specializes in developing WordPress plugins that help us to grow and run our online business on a smooth way.

Keep in mind that I created this article only for WordPress user only.

So, let’s start.

So, I tell you in above mention that I’ll explain Dokan Multi Vendor plugin “What is”, “Why is” and benefits of Dokan Multi Vendor.

It is important to know what is Multi Vendor Marketplace? I explain it below in short meaning.

Multi-Vendor is a platform for creating an online marketplace. You are the manager in a Multi-Vendor market. You invite sellers, allow them to sell their products, and receive commissions from them. In fact, with Multi-Vendor, you get your own eBay.

if you’re already know about “What is Multi Vendor” then skip above quote and read on from below.

Dokan Multi Vendor Provide facilities

  • Build Electronic Marketplace
  • Build Digital Marketplace
  • Build Jewelry Marketplace
  • Build Clothing Marketplace

Even you can create many types of online marketplace by using Dokan Multi Vendor Plugin.

Before purchasing or doing anything with your wallet Wedevs allows you to see the Dokan demos. Try or check everything if Wedevs can touch you thoughts or not.

After checking or satisfying you can purchase Dokan Multi Vendor Plugin from here. Dokan Multi Vendor allow you to use this plugin free with most common features. If you want to download simply click here.

Why to use Dokan Multi-Vendor

If you’re an business owner and want to create your own online marketplace with no worries. I recommend you to use this plugin instantly.

Here are the basic reason for Dokan Multi Vendor recommendation.

  • The main reason is security. If you’re not interested in your vendors to give access to your WordPress dashboard. Then Dokan is helpful for you. Because it gives you the ability to instantly create a front-end dashboard system for your vendors. So, they can easily manage and publish their own products from out of your WordPress dashboard.
  • You’re not a developer, no worries. Create your online vendor store with just simple mouse clicks.
  • For customers with premium purchases, Wedevs allows their clients to built-in 24/7 customer support.
  • This Multi-Vendor Plugin is compatible with any WooCommerce theme. Here is the list. You can also use this plugin with the most popular theme Divi.
  • If your website is not in English then no worries. Dokan supports many languages with ease.

Here is the list of all features of the Dokan Multi Vendor plugin. If you’re interested then simply learn more about it. If you are not a premium WordPress theme user, No worries, Dokan allows its own Dokani theme. Use it for free on your WordPress Site, or check the demo. For daily guides and updates follow Dokan Multi Vendor’s official blog to stay updated with its features and how-tos.

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