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ExpensePath expense tracker review

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Small business owners will appreciate the competitive price and user-friendly interface, which is supported by strong application functionality that employees can leverage. ExpensePath is an expense reporting tool that is light and affordable enough to appeal to small businesses, especially during the coronavirus.

Perhaps the best thing about this software as a service product is its flexibility with prices that are suitable for small businesses that do not need all the accompaniments that some other competitors offer at a higher price.

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With its strong presence on the application side, ExpensePath has also been developed for employees who want to control their expenses on the go. The learning curve will not discourage them either. In fact, ExpensePath has a lot to offer office workers and administrators, thanks to its simple but effective arsenal of features and features that can do the work without frills. Similar products are QuickBooks, Expensify, Hurdlr, and Zoho Expense.


ExpensePath appeals mainly because of its price plans, which are very competitive and also have a good start with a test phase. You can request a demonstration that can be set up quickly so that you can see what is being proposed. In terms of cost, pricing is based on the number of users and the number of reports generated.

This is the lesser of the two, and the system can dynamically adjust them based on the pre-generated expense reports. This actually means that the prices are very high and the overheads start at about 5 USD per month. Overall, the pricing for the spending path seems fair enough, as you really only pay for what is used.


While ExpensePath doesn’t come with many tools you might never need, the simplified and highly intuitive functionality is a treat for the small business owner. ExpensePath allows office administrators to set spending criteria that employees can track when they are on site.

ExpensePath can also work with other business tools such as SageIntacct, NetSuite, Netchex, Quickbooks, and more. For small business users who spend a lot of their time in QuickBooks, integration options are very useful for capturing different stacks of data.

The software as a service can also be easily connected to Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. So there are many ways to reach the points of your company.


With its relatively simple user interface and user-friendly character, ExpensePath doesn’t have too much baggage to cause performance issues. Although the administration aspect of the desktop seems to be largely flawless, there are some minor performance barriers through the application.

You must manually enter more details than expected, even if the system allows you to capture images of receipts like so many others on the expense management software market. The lack of OCR capacity means that some aspects of the spending submission process are a little more cumbersome. But small businesses that have to process relatively small claims should not find this too disruptive for their employees.

Easy to use

Getting to know ExpensePath is certainly easy with a clear interface that offers beginners only a few obstacles. Desktop users or laptops can access the web dashboard, which provides a high-quality experience through simple menus that cover all major spending topics, as well as options for creating these very important reports.

Administrators can spend a day on-site using the configuration tools. Employees should also use the app, whose version is available for iOS and Android.

This has been set up very well and works without any problems. Exactly what you want so that employees don’t let their cost tracking tasks pass over time. Useful, they can retrieve receipts and related information anywhere in the system, which means that receipts are submitted on time.


In spite of the way that ExpensePath doesn’t give a lot of time to a lofty expectation to absorb information, uphold choices can be useful inside the chosen offering. You’ll get the usual phone and email options, as well as a knowledge base to see if there’s a pending query that you want to solve yourself. ExpensePath has also got off to a good start. A guided demo is the first thing you expect from the support team and helps you get started in the early stages.

Final verdict

ExpensePath simplifies things on all fronts. If you own a small business and need to have strict control over overhead, you should explore this package. The price seems very reasonable as you really only pay for what you use. The Boffins have also done a great job designing ExpensePath with an Office dashboard that provides many tools for Office administrators.

The app has also been improved to make travel expense reports even easier than before. There are one or two corners and edges, such as the lack of OCR for faster output rankings. The downside, however, is that ExpensePath remains very affordable and will probably provide many SMEs with almost everything they need to keep an eye on costs.

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