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For Its Wharehouse Robots Exotic Raises $90MN

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French venture Exotic has upgraded its $90 million C-Series 83North tour with the participation of existing investors Iris Capital and Brega. Other current investors include 360 Capital. The company works on semi-automated warehouses for e-commerce customers.

The system is based on tiny robots called Skypods. They dig the floor and climb and down the shelves to get cans of standardized products.

The organization additionally gives coordinations programming to facilitate every one of these robots in the distribution center. As you evolve, you can add more robots and racks without any interruptions.

It’s not going to take people’s place completely because you always have to take the goods that are in the trash and pack something. But while robots deal with all circulation, human operators can stay at a workstation.

You can use a workstation to pick up goods and also re-populate warehouses. The idea here is that you’ll never enter exotic territory. It’s a robot zone.

In addition to productivity gains, you can also increase your storage capacity by switching to Exotic with high shelves and narrow corridors.

The organization presently has groups in Atlanta and Tokyo – it intends to deliver 4,000 robots every year by 2021. Everything is produced in a 6,000-square-foot factory in Lille, France. The company now has fourteen systems running worldwide. Customers include Carrefour, Leclerc, Cdiscount and Fast Retailing (Uniqlo).

Exotic previously collected $17.7 million in 2018 and $3.8 million (3.3 million euros) in 2016.

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