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What is CSS Hero?

CSS Hero is an accurate WordPress plug-in that makes it easy to customize the look of your themes and add-ons with a simple and intuitive interface. It makes it easy to change colors, fonts, background, almost everything on your site.

It’s like an exact drawing brush that improves the look of your site. And it’s NOT a bulldozer to revolutionize the structure of your theme or edit content in any way.

In short, it’s beautiful, clean, and non-destructive: CSS Hero is a live editor of WordPress that works without changing any files of your theme.

The easy-to-use visual CSS editing interface allows you to visually customize your site without compromising performance and speed. CSS Hero is widely compatible with many environments and built to lightweight and tolerant.

Technically, CSS Hero only generates and includes an additional CSS style table that completely redefines the original style table of your theme.

What you need to know about DUCKDUCKGO?

This CSS style table is a separate static file, so your site won’t be slower to view it.

No other resources consumed, no other script added, no PHP, no js, no extra words added to your site.
For your convenience, your changes also stored as data in a database, in a special separate database table, usually wp_csshero4.
This data is only available when edited by CSS Hero and also contains your editing history.
In terms of performance, because all the hard work is done by your own browser. And only when you use the editor, the server’s influence is almost zero.

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