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WP Clever FAQ BuilderSmart support tool for WordPress. This remarkable plugin permits you to effectively and rapidly make complex every now and again posed inquiries to adequately support your clients. Instead of the classic F.A.J., simply made up of a list of questions/answers, the F.A.J. generated can have an infinite number of questions levels.

This allows your customers to get very specific answers to solve their problems without having to read a lot of different questions before finding the right information. Each step of your frequently asked questions can contain extensive content. Ask a question, and display a list of predetermined answers.

A powerful, visual, and intuitive conditional system makes it easy to communicate different steps depending on the specific conditions. Your F.A.J. can display on any page simply using shortcodes or the Visual Composer module. There is also a contact form that allows your customers to quickly ask a question. If they don’t find it in the F.A.J. The question can email to the administrator and it will display in the back part to help you improve your F.A.J.

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