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What is Google Adsense? All about Google Adsense

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There are many ways to make money from your website traffic, and many of them are about advertising third-party products or services to visitors to your website. There are many advertising programs that can help you make money these days, but the most popular is Google AdSense.

This advertising program was launched by Google in mid-2003 and is currently the most popular advertising program on the Internet. It provides web administrators and site owners with a good opportunity to make money from their traffic – Google pays its publishers over $10 billion each year. You ask yourself, “What is AdSense and how do I make money with AdSense?” If you asked, the following article will give you some tips.

Working of Google Adsense

Google charges advertisers per click on the ad. Publishers get 68% of the clicks amount (or 51% for AdSense for searches).

The commission you get depends heavily on the competition and the CPC in the niche. In practice, commission per click can range from $0.20 to $15. The majority of niches earn publishers less than $3 per click. However, some niches can be extremely profitable.

There are two ways to discover the most profitable topics:

  1. With the help of CPC Map tool

You can see that the three most expensive niches in the U.S. are insurance, online education and marketing and advertising. If you are about to create a blog and choose the topics to cover, these figures will be extremely useful.

  1. Check the CPC of a particular keyword in the Keyword Magic tool:

This tool is powered by the world’s largest keyword database (over 14.6 billion keywords in August 2019). You can simply enter a starting keyword (“AdSense,” for example) and it will give you tons of search terms associated with the CPC, search volume and level of competition for each of these terms.

Tip: The amount you earn doesn’t just depend on the value of the cost per click in your niche. It also depends on how the ads fit your audience’s interests, the location of the ads on the page, etc. So pay attention to your website’s content, appearance and usability, and test different locations on a page for the most effective option.

The benefits of Google AdSense

A large number of publishers and advertisers. To date, more than 10 million websites use it.

High level of security, security and transparency for advertisers and publishers. This is another interesting feature of AdSense. Google acts as an intermediary between the two parties and is aware that the whole process is transparent and clear to everyone. All necessary metrics can be tracked in your Google Analytics account.

Variety of ad formats. In AdSense, advertisers can stream text, images, HTML ads, video ads and more, and in many different sizes. As a publisher, you can experiment with different types of ads and determine which ones generate the most revenue.

Tip: Check which sizes are most used by other publishers and learn about them. For example, in our own study, based on the analysis of more than 63,000 advertisers and publishers, I found that the most popular ad sizes are 728 x 90 and 300 x 250:

Traffic is the king

Last but not most importantly, your revenue also depends on the amount of traffic targeted to your website. You can choose the most expensive niche and choose the best locations for your ads, but it doesn’t make sense if no one comes to your website or blog.

Keep in mind that only a very small number of your visitors will click on the ads (there are no official statistics from Google, but webmasters usually report that 1% to 2% is a pretty good CTR). Most likely, clicks will earn you less than $1 per click. You can now calculate the traffic you need to earn the desired amount. Therefore, if you want to make money with AdSense, you must have significant traffic. This will require a lot of work and a lot of unique and quality content.

This means that it is always reasonable to create a website on a topic you know a lot. It will be much easier for you to generate a lot of quality content and this work will be enjoyable. Don’t expect to earn $1,000 a month with a 10-page website. It is recommended to create at least 20 to 30 pages of content before you start working with AdSense.

Final Verdict

In short, you can earn enough money with Google AdSense, but it’s not a program that allows you to get rich quickly. There are a few common-sense rules to follow that will help you lay the foundation for high and stable incomes:

Love the subject you write about and know a lot about it.

In addition to producing unique and relevant content, do so regularly to inform Google that your website is constantly updated with new information.

Don’t try to fool Google with “artificial” clicks.

Do some research to find the most cost-effective niches in terms of CPC and search demand. Build your content plan based on this information.

This will help you generate a lot of traffic and monetize it with AdSense.

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