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What is Gravity Forms? – How to use Gravity Forms?

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Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin originally used for contact forms, but more generally allows site owners to create forms to collect information. Gravity Forms can be used for contact forms, WordPress item creation, calculators, job applications, and more.

Gravity Forms, written in PHP, uses many of WordPress’s built-in features and features to strengthen the form generator. It also uses the same MySQL database system as WordPress, but stores all forms and entries in its own tables.

Starting with Gravity Forms is a simple process, but you need to follow a few steps. If you’re already familiar with installing WordPress plugins, you’re already ahead of the game.

Find you gravity forms license key

To find your license key, log on to your Gravity Forms account page and click the Licenses button at the top of the page.

Here you can see all your license keys. There is also a copy button next to each key, which will place the license key in your system’s clipboard.

Where do I enter my license key?

  • Make sure you’ve already installed Gravity Forms on your WordPress site.
  • Turn on the plugin.
  • Go to Forms> Settings.
  • Under General Settings, stick your license key in the Support License Key field.
  • Click the Save settings button at the bottom of the page.
  • A green checkmark should be displayed next to the field if your license key has been successfully activated. If you don’t receive a green check, check again or contact support if you need help.

Create a First New Form

When you sign in to WordPress, you’ll see a link that says New Form in the Existing Forms menu. When you click on the New Form, you will see a box asking for the Title and Description of the new form. Before you begin, you must give your form a name, but you can change it later if necessary. Fill in the fields, and then click Create Form.

The Form field toolbox consists of an accordion interface that allows you to select the types of fields you want to add to your form. To add a form field to your form, just click on the field you want to add and it will be added to the bottom of your form.

You can edit individual form fields by clicking on the field you want to edit and clicking the Edit link. This displays the area editor interface and allows you to fine-tune the available field options. To re-sort the fields on your form, drag and drop them to arrange them in the order you want.

After you edit the Form Settings and add the Form Fields you want, click the Update Form button at the bottom of the form editor to save your new form.

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