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How to block spam Comments

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Spamming is a very big issue for a site. And many sites become victims of this issue. So today I am going to tell you a solution with the help of which you can stop the second-party spam in your site. Absolutely free, and the name of that plugin is an Akismet Anti-Spam. And more than 5 million users are using this plugin.

Akismet Anti-Spam is a must-have plugin that you should use on your WordPress site. It protects your database from publishing harmful comments on your site with spam comment blocking.

Akismet plugin has preinstalled and shipped with WordPress. However, it is not active by default. To activate and set the Akismet WordPress plugin, you need to follow these simple steps that I will explain below for the free Akismet API key. If due to some reason Akismet Anti Spam not showing in the section of the installed plugin, then follow this given method below.

Install and Activate Akismet Anti-Spam

Select the plugin option in the first dashboard. And click on New. This plugin must be the first option to show first. The reason for this is that more and more users: If the plugin showing at first, then you have to click on the Install Now to install, after installing activate it by clicking on activate.

After activating you’ll redirected to Akismet Anti-Spam Screen

Start Screen of Akismet Anti-Spam

Setup your Akismet Account or manually enter API key. I’ll choose “Setup Akismet Anti-Spam Account” to activate anti-spam plugin for free?. After clicking on “Setup Akismet Anti-Spam Account” button you’ll redirected to this link.

Login to Akismet Using Account


It is your choice that you like which price plan. But you get spam protection in the free plan. So I will select a free plan. And, after clicking on “Get Personal” you’ll see a Fill-able from.

Fill in Required Information for Free API Key

If you’re new at this Akismet site than please fill out this form below and click on “Continue with Personal Subscription” and, drag the slider back to “$0/ Year ” and start your account process. Or if you have a WordPress account then simply click on top right side “” to signing into the account. But I recommend you fill out the above form.

After filling the form and completing your process you’ll see the following screen with instruction to activate your Akismet Anti-Plugin.

Copy your API key on the screen and go back to your WordPress dashboard and paste the Akismet API key into the ”Or Enter an API KEY” section and click Connect with API key and connect your account.

Akismet API activation

After this action, the plugin will now start detecting Spams comments on your site. Click on Comments → Spam from your Comments Dashboard, and you will be able to view spam comments and delete them with one click.


In this article, you have told me how to do free spam protection on your site. And safeguard your site with non-necessary spam. With the help of this plugin, not only can we protect our site, but by using it, more than 5 million users are happy with their site.

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