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How to Change Your Default Web Browser and E-Mail Apps in iOS 14

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Android has always let you set your favorite web browser and mail client as the default, while Apple iOS has forced you to use Safari and your own mail application in iOS when you click on the web or mail link. So far. With iOS 14, you finally have a choice. We show you that all links are open in the browser and email app that you want to use, since Apple has not applied the capability in a clear way.

If you use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Opera (or even Vivaldi or Brave) on your desktop computer, Apple’s mobile browsing system can be very frustrating. When you open a web link from an app or email message, you’ll be back in Safari when you lose all your synced passwords and other settings. Ditto for email mailto link, irksome for users of very popular Outlook especially for iOS email client.

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I have to note what third-party web browsers on iOS should do, but Safari is actually turned off. When you use Firefox, there are interfaces and feature features that developers create in that browser app. As mentioned, synchronizing passwords and favorites with the desktop version is very important, but this is not the only feature of this type. Conversely, when you install Firefox on Android phones, you actually get the full Firefox creation engine that runs web shows. (Innovative Vivaldi browser manufacturers may not even have decided to produce the iOS version.))

Still, I was excited when I encountered the item presented judicely in the full list of updates, stating that iOS 14 lets you choose your own defaults. But there is no section named default apps in the iOS Settings app. I had to dig a little into finding it, but if you only update the apps you want to set as the default, you can face a splash or welcome screen that explains the process. Otherwise, you need to go to the app’s settings.

Update: The initial release of iOS 14 has an annoying problem when it comes to setting up your browser and the mail app of choice: if you down your iPhone and restart it, your settings are lost. The section to choose the default does not appear in Safari’s Settings page even after a restart. If you want to restore your choice you will have to go through the process below again. Hopefully, Apple will address this in an update soon.

How to Set Your Default Browser in iOS 14

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  • Update your browser to the App Store. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Firefox, Opera and Brave, have not implemented the ability to be set as the default browser. I hope that will change soon. Surprisingly, the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo browser has the potential to be the default.
  • Open the main iOS Settings app (note that the settings inside the app usually don’t include the option) and scroll down to sign in for the browser you want to be the default. As mentioned, unlike other operating systems, Apple does not include a section to choose default apps in iOS settings.
  • Tap on the browser’s entry, and scan the Access Access section until you find the default browser app option.
  • Tap on the default browser app option.
  • Choose the browser you want to set as the default from the list, and you are all set. From now on, webpages will open in your favorite web-browsing app! If you want to switch the browser again later, go to the Safari section of the Main Settings app, where you’ll see the option to set any eligible browser as the default.

After you update from the App Store, some browser apps will see a landing page that encourages you to set it by default. Its amazing chrome isn’t one of them – if you have a browser of your choice, you’ll need to follow the steps above. Edge shows the opening screen on the first run after the update. I hope all major browsers will finally ask you to set your app by default on the first run after the update. Browsers that display suggestions simplify the process by connecting you directly to the relevant option.


How to Set Your Default Email Client in iOS 14

Setting up your default mail client is similar to setting up your default web browser. It’s probably a little less important than the web browser, but I’m used to the conveniences offered by Outlook to create emails, so it’s annoying that it’s sent to Apple Mail by default. As is the way, users of Gmail or Yahoo Mail apps are not yet setting them to default. For now, apple mail and outlook are the only known options.

  • Update your mail app in the App Store.
  • Open the Settings app and scroll to your email app.
  • Tap the entry of the app in the list.
  • Find and tap the default Mail App entry.
  • Tap the app you want to use for any email link, and you’d better go.

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