How to Download iOS 14 Developer Beta? Detailed explanation

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After the news that we made yesterday, Apple introduced the new operating system, the IOS 14 Developer Beta, which the developers have been waiting for, has been released. Those who want to have a developer beta account profile can normally access this system by paying a fee of $ 99.

However, without having this account, you can download the developer beta system and show your skills or examine the operating system. In this article, we will tell you how to download it.

How to Download iOS 14 Developer Beta?

We said that right after the WWDC 20 event, you can download it for free or for a fee to access the developer account that developers control their accounts and want to upload. However, there are other issues that need attention. First of all, in order to use the developer beta system, the iPhone device you have must be compatible with the IOS 14 operating system.

To give a little tip for those who are wondering if your device is compatible, we can say that it is compatible with all iPhone 6S and later models. Another caveat is that before starting this process, do not forget to take a backup of your phone against any misconduct or mishaps. Let’s move on to the download step by step.

  • First, go to using your browser.
  • You will find three download options in the middle of the page. From these options, click on the Download text in the section with IOS 14 Developer Beta.
  • While doing this, use the Upload profile section in the profiles section of the settings section of your iPhone. Press the Upload profile button.
  • Restart your device after receiving the message that the operating system beta profile was successfully applied after downloading.
  • After the device restarts, you can successfully upgrade your device to version 14 using the Settings> general> software update menu steps.

You can download these processes on iPad, watchOS, tvsOS, and macOS devices using the same steps and upgrade your developer account.

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