How to get a Quality Backlink?

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In the examples above, I have explained what the backlink is and why it should be given a backlink. So how do we get backlinks for our own web page and how will these backlinks contribute to our web page?

First of all, I should state that; The most efficient backlink building that can be installed is natural backlinks from relevant and authoritative web pages.

Naturalness must be taken as a basis in backlink purchases. So it should be really user-oriented. Paid or manipulated backlinks can harm your website rather than benefit it. In addition, some of the other important issues in backlink purchases are that you continue to take backlinks at regular intervals without losing your backlinks and give importance to diversity while buying backlinks.

  • You can get backlinks by posting comments on authoritative and relevant web pages.
  • You can get backlinks by writing well-prepared promotional articles on authoritarian news sites.
  • You can indicate that you want to publish content as a guest writer by contacting the websites with sectoral proximity, and you can also offer the same offer to the other party. In this way, you will provide a backlink exchange that can work for both sides.
  • You can actively enable people to share your content on their websites on social media platforms. In addition, your branding efforts on social media will be noticed by Google bots.
  • You can get backlinks by producing content from authoritative blog pages like Blogger, Medium.

SEO’s perspective on backlinks

We can exemplify the importance of Backlink in terms of SEO as “tell me your friend, let me tell you who you are”.

Since Google designs its algorithms based on the real-life system, it cares about your backlinks, that is, reference or reference.

E.g; What do you do when someone you trust and love in your neighborhood tells you that ” this person is naughty, I do not recommend you to be to interlocutor “? You will probably distance yourself from that person because, even in a negative sense, the reference person is someone you “ trust and value ”.

As a result of evaluating the same situation with a positive perspective, the fact that ” this person is a very honest person, you can trust ” style can cause you to get closer and trust with the person much faster, right?

This is how the backlink logic works. If the web pages referencing you are authoritative, that is, on Google’s reliable and stable list, your SEO score increases as a result of getting backlinks from those websites. Accordingly, the value of your website increases with Google.

Backlink is evaluated according to two basic logic: Dofollow and Nofollow

Google algorithms are based on two basic logic in link exchanges:

DoFollow is received/given BackLinks.
Backlinks received/provided as nofollow.

Dofollow Links: When you are going to take out a loan from the bank, it is like someone being a guarantor to you 🙂 Of course, it is not so serious, but this is the logic of operation. Linking site to Google bots; I trust this site and refer positively. Although Dofollow links give more effective scores to your website compared to Nofollow links, it can also cause serious loss of points in case the links are lost.

Just think, the person who vouched for you by Google says that after a while, I am not a guarantor to this site and it does not concern me . Of course, this situation makes you overlooked. Therefore, you should consider these issues when buying backlinks. If the backs you have received are concerned about deletion, it is recommended to take them as Nofollow or not.

Nofollow Links: While bringing together two people who want to trade; I brought you together, I’m not responsible for either of you anymore, it’s like saying a deal between you. The linking site does not indicate any trust or mistrust. This does not indicate that nofollow links are ineffective or purposeless. Since Google is concerned with naturalness and relevance in general, correct nofollow links also increase your quality score.

How would the backlinks obtained increase to your website?

If you get backlinks from naturally relevant and authoritative web pages, your quality score, the value Google gives to your page, will increase and will help you stand out in organic search results.

Although it is not certain and may vary by sector, the backlinks earned are thought to affect 30-35% of SEO work .

Attention: Involuntary spam links may be directed to your web page!

Yes, even if you do not want it, link redirections can be made by competitors or web spam sites for different purposes, which can decrease the quality score of your web page. Even though Google can understand this part, you have to say “I am not affiliated with these websites”.

How can you identify the links directed to your web page?

While there are many ways to do this, one of the most guaranteed is to use Google’s own tools. You can see all the links coming to your web page with the ” Links ” tool in the Google Search Console. But you can also use paid tools like Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, Majestic, but which can be very useful for SEO and backlinks.

How can I block malicious links?

You can use Google Disavow Tools developed by Google to reject malicious links. Thanks to the Google reject backlinks tool, you can reject the harmful backlinks of your backlinks or link redirects you do not want.

You should be very careful when using Disavow because if you reject the links that you think are harmful, you can accidentally reject the backlinks that might benefit you, this will affect the quality score of your web page.

How do I know if backlinks are harmful or useful?

For this, you can use one of the paid software like Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush, Majestic, which I mentioned above. This software largely evaluate the Google algorithms, domain age and content quality, and score the results obtained by making evaluations. These scores also provide important clues as to which web page may be of good quality or harmful.

E.g; The DA PA scoring system developed by Moz, which is one of the most successful SEO tools in its field, is very popular.

DA (Domain Authority): Provides an average quality score by evaluating the domain age and past activities. The high DA values ​​indicate that the web page is highly valuable to Google.

PA (Page Authority): It evaluates your web page based on its content and overall quality and provides an average quality score. A web page with high PA values ​​is valuable in the eyes of Google and indicates that backlinks are available.

A similar example is the CF and TF scoring system, developed by Majestic, one of the highly successful SEO tools in the field and backlink analysis.

CF (Citation Flow): It means source or value flow. Backlink represents the content quality and page strength of the resource received. Getting backlinks from a web page with high CF values ​​will positively affect your page quality score.

TF (Trust Flow): Symbolizes the trust flow. It provides an average score by evaluating how reliable the backlinks you receive. These rates are quite high on authoritative and proven web pages. The higher the score, the higher the backlink quality.

Of course, not all SEO tools are paid. For partially successful free SEO arcs, you can check it out.

Things to consider and suggestions when buying backlinks:

  • Be sure to find out the DA, PA, TF, CF values ​​of the website where you will get backlinks. Because 10 out of 100 and below rates may not give healthy results.
  • If possible, try to get links from qualified and authoritative websites (from owner, liberty, exhaustion or government bodies, official sites of universities .edu .gov, etc.).
  • Exchange links with the most relevant web pages. Example: If you are a company that sells shoes, getting backlinks from a company that repairs your mobile phone may not give positive results even if the quality score is good. Instead, getting a link from an article about foot health or from a shoe company like you allows you to get more positive results.
  • Stay away from paid link purchases. If Google detects that the place where you purchased a link is selling paid links, it can do more harm than good.
  • Diversity is very important in backlink purchase. It would be much more effective to get 10 different links from 10 different websites rather than 20 links in total from two websites. Of course, the quality and quality of the web pages you get links can also change the result.
  • Make your backlink purchases periodically. Getting too many links at the same time can do more harm than good. Continue by adding periodically over your current issue.
  • Make sure that the links you receive are permanent. Because correct and permanent backlink construction provides very good results. Links gained but lost at the same rate will cause you to lose value.
  • Don’t just get keyword-based backlinks. For example, for your “” page; Get links not only as “shoes” but also with different anchor texts such as “suitable shoes”, “discount shoes”, “you can look here”. This strategy will make you look natural.
  • Avoid link purchases where you will not receive traffic, creating a manipulation effect.
  • You can get comment links from relevant web pages, but use your brand name when doing this. Do n’t try to get keyword-based links.
  • Keyer-based links from the footer, sidebar sections are now garbage, consider this.
  • Avoid backlinks called link farm (link fields) or backlink (link exchange through cheating).
  • Do not get a link by writing your keyword in anchor texts continuously, getting a link directly with your domain name contributes to the increase of your DA PA values.
  • Check your backlinks regularly, be prepared for spam or backlinks, and take precautions.

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