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One of the most frequently searched topics for website owners is to rank on Google. So why Google? Because Google is the most used search engine both in our country and around the world.

Unfortunately, it is not all about opening a website. If you think of your website as a store, you need to attract customers to this shop. For this, people must be able to find you.

Google, which we apply to investigate the slightest thing, is the most important resource for us to reach these people. The first page of Google is the place where we can reach these people and appear the most.

According to the researches, 80% of the users do not look at the second page if they are not looking for very critical information and cannot find it on the first page.

First place, first page and top ranks … Even if the end of the road is from the edge of the road, it leads to SEO. So search engine optimization. Today I have prepared content for those who have an entry-level knowledge on the subject.

Here ‘s what to do for Google and users to love your site.

Google’s market share in our country is more than 92.22%. The most used search engine. In Turkey, there are approximately 70 million people with internet access.

Rank High On Google

To rank high on Google, your website’s user experience must be great, open fast, and mobile-friendly.

It is possible to gather SEO under three headings.

  • On-site SEO (Inside the shop)
  • Off-site SEO ( Your visibility and reputation in life outside the shop, comments made about you, posted postings, etc.)
  • User experience (the experience you provide to your customers in the shop)

On-Site SEO

Your on-site SEO performance should be very good.

Google constantly releases updates at intervals that we might call irregular. It also web to properly sort their sites and most accurate information to users who search makes it easy to deliver as soon as possible.

Until 5-6 years ago, you could get to the top without doing too much work in on-site SEO with off-site SEO work (I’ll talk about in a moment).

However, with the changes made by Google in recent years, the updates it has published and the increase in mobile traffic with mobile devices, on-site SEO has come to a very important place.

Meta tags, and that it in the so-called building codes and users of our site, Google ‘to be constructed in a good way of providing information about our tag page is quite important.

By “something good” I mean this; be unique for each of your pages, provide accurate information about the page, and properly state a meaning when users read it.

When we say meta tags, the first is Title (page title), Meta Description (page description) and Rich Snippets (smart tags).

Your Title and Meta Description fields are directly displayed on Google search results pages and is a ranking factor. Be sure to include keywords related to your topic within these tags.

Smart Tags

When you say smart tag?

When I say smart tag, there are information such as stars, price and event information that appear on the results page when we search, I mean them.

You can apply smart tags with changes you make in your site’s code structure. So you need to do some technical development. If you are using an open-source content management system such as WordPress or Joomla, you can do this easily with plugins.

Smart tags are used by 4 major search engines. and Open Graph web can examine the site.

The age of the mobile has already come. The rate of mobile calls quadrupled desktop calls. Responsive, mobile-friendly design and accelerated mobile pages are a must.

Responsive design design is very important now. The number of mobile calls has quadrupled desktop devices. This means that you get visitors to your website mostly from mobile devices.

For this reason, your mobile design should be good and provide the user experience. However, the importance of accelerated mobile pages, which we call AMP, has also increased. Thanks to the accelerated mobile pages, you can make your pages load very fast.

Your Website Speed

Speaking of speed, the speed at which your site opens is now a ranking factor.

Both desktop and mobile opening speed is very important. Users tend to leave late pages early. We don’t all enjoy late loading pages, do we? You can test your site through the Google Pagespeed tool.


Create your content for your users and enrich them with keywords in an SEO compatible way according to their interests.

The content you publish on your website is your biggest organic traffic source. Really focus on the information users are looking for and enrich it with keywords in an SEO-friendly way, not just for writing.

What I want to explain here by saying that it is SEO compatible is that your content has a layout, it is properly created with the tags we call H tags together with the introduction and the result.

However, use the search phrases (keywords) that users make about the information they are looking for, and keywords related to the subject of your content in your content.

While doing this, instead of constantly using keywords with meaningless sentences, create really meaningful sentences, and present them to your users.

You should do your keyword research really well.

There are keyword tools you can use when doing keyword research. While some of these tools are paid, you can use some of them with free / demo versions.

At the top you can see other searches users made for ” google first page” search.

Google ‘the fee increase to the upper row, the program to go to the top positions on Google, the top row to exit methods on Google, you need to do to get the first place in the search engines, google exit illustrated in the search, google make the first page, WordPress google top positions, google first place.

Google’s first rank, Google search priority “searches are also other searches made by users who search for google’s first page. Therefore, it will be very useful to pass these searches in your content.

Google Keyword Tool

Keyword Planner is among the tools you can use.

Adwords uses it prepares for its customers and provides the Keyword Planner tool. It also offers information about the monthly volume and competitive rates related to those searches. Google Trends is another free tool you can use. Paid as is kwfind, The Long Tail Pro, You can also try the car.

Optimize Rich Search Results

Optimize your pages and content based on rich search results.

This also applies to “voice search”, which will become a trend in the coming years .

Using descriptive information according to the searches made by users, using smart tags allows you to get rich search results in this way.

This will undoubtedly increase your organic traffic and ensure that you can use the advantages of being on the first page.

User Experience

User experience is very important, you should keep the users coming to your site on your site and bring them together with more pages.

Web After you set up your site has a free tracking and analysis tool that you can follow whoever outgoing; Google Analytics. Through Google Analytics, you can see what’s on your website, who came from where and went on yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or even instantly.

Google Search Console is another free tool you can use with Analytics.

Just think about it, you have 500 words of content, the average session time of your page on Analytics (ie the average time a user stays on the page) is only 3 seconds. Do you think a person can read 500 words in 3 seconds? The answer is of course not. This shows that there is a problem with the content or technical side of your page.

Marking is very important.

The content you write, the experience you provide on your website , the advantages you offer to your users are of great importance for your brand to stand out.

You should be able to stand out in order for your brand to stand out from your competitors in today’s world where the internet has developed and offers users a lot of choice advantage.

Conduct your off-site SEO work regularly

You will gain a loyal audience as your brand searches on Google increase or as users come to your site again. Your offsite visibility and link profile (backlink) will also be positively affected by your users who regularly visit your site and think that they can find the information they are looking for on your site.


The link texts that come to your site should not consist of only keywords.

Google wants you to have a natural backlink profile with the latest updates it publishes. Therefore, do not pass the keywords I mentioned above directly in the anchor text.

This is an important point. To concretely, if you want to rank first in the word “SEO”, do not have the anchor text of the links coming to your site, that is, the link text “SEO”. Use this enriching.

  • Give the link to your page,
  • Use phrases like “click to get information about SEO” “click for more information”. It’s really the best way to create anchor text that users can click, want to click.

Do not participate in link schemes and avoid methods that will adversely affect your site’s rankings while buying links.

Measure your site’s SEO health continuously

Above I mentioned two free tools that Google offers, Analytics and Search Console. It is also very important to follow them regularly while making improvements about your site.

You can track your site’s performance in Google search results, up-to-date rankings, incoming penalties, Google notifications, technical problems, sitemap, AMP, and many more from Search Console .

You can access demographic data about users visiting your site, through which channels your site receives visits and the number of visits through Analytics. These two tools are essential. For this reason, it is among the sine qua non

SEO Developments

Keep track of current SEO developments and leading names.

Following the current SEO developments will allow you to keep up with the improvements you need to make. Therefore, it will be useful to follow the leading resources of the SEO industry.

Apart from that, Search Engine Land , The Sem Post , Search Engine Journal , Moz Blog , LRT Blog will be useful for foreign sources .

Stay Away

Bonus: Stay away from hearsay, unreal myths.

Never forget that if you’re targeting the first page for Google , your strategies should always catch up with the times and trends.

A development that was trending 3 years ago may not be right now, and you may need to embrace different technologies. That’s why;

“The madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

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