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How to Reset the Password for a Spotify Account

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In this guide, we explained the Spotify account password reset process to you.

Resetting the password for a Spotify account is typically done by people who forget or want to change the Spotify password. Nowadays, because of the large number of social media accounts and each social media app has different passwords, password forgetting is frequently faced with the problem. At this point, Spotify users can re-encrypt and access their accounts through the password reset option. Here are the steps to follow so that the Spotify account can be reset:

  • From the web browser used to spotify website
  • Password Reset option is preferred
  • The required field is entered with the e-mail address and user name information
  • Click Send
  • E-mail from Spotify opens
  • The Password Reset option is selected and a new password is written in the new password selection field on the page that opens, and then presses send

What to Know About Password Reset on a Spotify Account

In general, because the password is forgotten, the process of resetting the password of the Spotify account is preferred. Therefore, it is useful to determine passwords that will not be forgotten in this as well as in every password reset process.

In addition, Spotify password reset can only be done through Spotify’s official website. Therefore, password reset should not be performed on any website or app other than Spotify’s official website in order not to encounter various problems. Sites, where a password reset is allegedly performed outside Spotify’s site, should not be credited for security.

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