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How to Setup Membership Plan in your wordpress sites

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Before we start we should know

MemberPress will enable you to certainly make, oversee, and examine enrollment membership and advanced items. Notwithstanding these ground-breaking capacities.

MemberPress will permit you to give and deny access to posts, pages, categories, tags, feeds, communities, and computerized documents dependent on what items your clients have to subscribe to or subscribe in to. In the market, many membership plugins are available for the same purposes. But I recommend you to install this plugin.

Since MemberPress is based on the head of WordPress you’ll have the option to make amazing and convincing membership sites that influence the entirety of the enormous highlights of WordPress. And, WordPress modules including content management, discussions, and networks.

How to setup Memberpress plugin in Proper way

First of all you should install this plugin in your WordPress site. There are many ways to install plugins.  Basically this tutorial is made up with Membership Pro Version and I’m giving you this Pro version for free to you, to download this Pro version Click Here & the link for the free version here. After installing Memberpress you’ll see Memberpress in the WordPress Dashboard.

After clicking you’ll see MemberPress Button in wordpress you’ll have the membership tab open. There is an area where you can add your member plan according to your price.

Create a Membership

Creating a Membership in MemberPress is fundamentally the same as making a Page or Post in WordPress – truth be told, the Memberships appear on your site as pages. To set up a Membership do the following setting.

  1. First of Click on the “Add New” Button in the Membership section to add a new membership plan.

After Clicking on the “Add New” button you’ll see the following windows.

In the above windows you’re seeing many options like Title, Membership Terms, Page Attributes & Rich Text Editor etc. Here we’ll explain every section in detail.

Add Your Membership Title

 Set a Title for the Membership (For Example: Basic Plain). Because the title is required for your plan.

Add Description About Your Plan

Add some images and detail in your plan to describe to your customer what are you serving in your current Basic Plan. This will help your customer to understand your Membership plan. Don’t Worry about your Membership Plan design. This is just like a WordPress page. So, feel free to design and design like you’re designing a WordPress Page.

Now we’ll discuss about “Membership Terms”

Membership Terms Setting

As you’re seeing in the above picture having 5 options

  • Price (Price of your Membership Plan)
  • Billing Type ( What is the property of your Membership billing?)

This includes two options.

  • Recurring (Monthly or Yearly Base)
  • One TIme ( This mean your offer lifetime access)
  • Interval

This means that if your billing type is “Recurring” then after how much time your subscription expires?

  • Trial Period

If you enable this option it means that you’ll give initial access to your customers for a specific number of days for testing your membership plan. It is useful and creates attraction inside the customer.

When you enable this option you’ll follow dropdown windows.

This window has 3 options.

  • Trial Duration (Days)

It means that “How much time do you want to give to your customers before purchasing your plan.

Note: Be careful with this option. If you have entered a number that is not divisible by 7 then surely your customer got an error while processing with the transaction. So, we recommend you to add those values which are divisible by 7.

For example: If the entered number is multiple of 7 then it will show up as weeks, multiples of 30 will show up months, and multiples of 365 will show up as years in the frontend.

  • Trial Amount ($)

If you want to charge your customer before purchasing your subscription within the lessened price then you can.

if your trial amount is 0.00 for your trial period then your customer will auto access to a month free trial.

  • Allow Only One Trial

It means that If a new customer comes to your platform and buys its first subscription then, He/She gets its first free month if the  “Trial Period” enabled option.

And after their subscription expires then, if He/She will re-buy your subscription then your customer will not get a trial option again. This is more beneficial for your Plan’s owner to protect its material from being accessed by customers for one month free.

This section has 4 major Tabs with sub-options included.

What is Membership options

Step by Step guide

Membership Option (Registration)

The registration section is explained below.

  • Registration Button Text

This option sets the name of the membership plan button. By default, this will be “Sign Up” you can change according to your choice.

  • Enable Custom Thank you Page

Click on this option and design your own custom thank you page. This thank you page is for the current plan. disable it for use default thank you page.

  •  Send Membership-Specific Welcome Email to User

Send a specific welcome email message

  • This option has 3 buttons on its right side.
    • Edit

With this option you can edit your welcome email.

  • Send Test

By Click on Send test a demo email will be sent to your admin or dashboard email for testing purposes.

  • Undo Changes

If you want to undo your setting and want to get everything back by default this option is useful for you.

  •  Customize Payment Methods

Customizing your payment methods as per your membership plans. if you setup multiple methods. This option enables you to add many or specific payment methods for many or specific Membership Plans.

  • Customize User Information Fields

This option is for those who want to customize their customer information according to their needs.

  • Membership Options (Permissions)

In this Tab you can allow your user or customers to create multiples, active subscriptions to this membership plan. If the option “ Allow users to create multiple, active subscriptions to this membership

“ When the above option is enabled then every customer related to this membership plan will be able to resubscribe before expiration many times.

  • Who can Purchase Plan
    • Everyone (With this option enabled everyone can purchase this)
    • Guests (Only Non registered users can purchase this plan)
    • Members (Only registered members can purchase this plan)
    • No One( It means this plan is private.)
  • No Permission Message 

This section is to customize the message for unauthorized access to membership plans.

  • Membership Options (Price Box)

In the above picture, you’re seeing many options like Title, Heading Text, etc. And on the right top corner of this Tab’s section, you’ll be able to see a Preview Box. Editing the setting will live display in the upper right preview box.

  • Highlighted 

If you have multiple membership plans and want to show this membership plan Highlighted then Just enable it by simply clicking on it.

  • Title

This is the title of your membership plan.

  • Heading Text 

Choose your heading text to display in your Plan’s Area.

  • Benefits

You can add membership benefits of this membership plan and show it to your customer. You can add more benefits one by one by clicking (+) icon below to add more benefits.

  • Footer Text

If you want to display more clarification in your membership plan use the footer text option.

  • Button Text

Buttons text is for custom button names to show it as more unique.

  • Button Position

Button position option is for changing your button position like at on top or at the bottom or display your button in both areas with both options.

After Setting up all these options click on the “Publish” button on the right side in the publish windows.


This guide is for designing a Plan setting in MemberPress Plugin. MemberPress is one of the top plugins for creating or enabling your site For Selling subscription, Digital products & many more. If you like this step by step guide please Follow our Blog to get more tutorials about MemberPress to make your site more Digital.

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