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Huawei president “Survival Is The Goal Right Now”

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Huawei president said the company will continue to fight U.S. restrictions and bans in an effort to continue providing services to customers around the world. At the launch of the company’s Huawei Connect event. Guo Ping, the company’s rotating president, said: “Huawei is in a difficult situation these days. Ruthless aggression put us under serious pressure,” he said.

“We’re still assessing specific effects. Now the goal is to survive.”


Following recent moves by the U.S. government. Huawei ( The Best Huawei Phones are here) has been banned from supplying processors made with American innovations. And may even be prevented from supplying commercially available generic products made using U.S. technologies.

Ping furthered his response to recent US restrictions in a speech to the media after his keynote speech titled “Creating New Value with Synergy in five Technology Areas”.

“The United States is constantly attacking us and they have changed their laws for the third time. Which has created huge challenges for our production and operation,” ZDNet said. Said.

“We hope that the U.S. government will consider its own rules and regulations for a second time. If they’re willing to supply us, we’ll be willing to buy from them. At the same time, we will continue to stick to our supplies. Strategy. … we believe that impartial benefit and cooperation is the best model for the global sector. “

“Concerning our chipset for cell phones, as we devour countless chipset consistently, we’re actually searching for approaches to utilize chipset for cell phones. However, we are aware that U.S. chip sellers are actively applying for licenses to continue supplying from the U.S. government to Huawei. “

The Future

Ping tried to capture a bright style for the future, emphasizing Huawei’s strength in many markets in his speech. He said there are five “great opportunities”. The company sees in the IT industry that will play an important role in the future, such as connectivity, computing, cloud, artificial intelligence and industry applications.

“As an ever-increasing number of governments and organizations become advanced and knowledge is gotten, the ICT segment will see extraordinary development potential,” he said.

The nearness of availability and the data cycle will change all enterprises – transportation, account or vitality – and make new an incentive for society.”

Huawei recently said that the challenges it faces in the mobile industry will further focus it on the cloud business going forward.

Artificial intelligence has also become a special focus. And the company has invested $1.5 billion to expand its developer base from 1.4 million to 5 million over the next five years.

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