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Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro review – Buy or Not

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Huawei continues to add to the Watch GT series with mini but meaningful updates. With the latest renovation, wireless charging, and the most seamless software experience in the series to date, it sees a high-quality design. Not perfect – GT 2 Pro does not support third-party applications; With improved iOS compatibility. A comprehensive set of exercises, and accurate monitoring. We’re not always buttered, but we’re happy to see a mediocre product range turn into a great thing.

  • Really first-class design
  • 10-14 days battery life
  • Convenient Qi wireless charging
  • No third-party application support
  • Notifications are not interactive
  • Limited smarts

Two-minute review

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is a great-looking smartwatch with a titanium-made, sapphire glass surface and ceramic back. Huawei has made several great-looking wearable devices in the past. But the GT 2 Pro can be one of the best-looking smartwatches on the stage.

Inside, it works with Huawei’s special interface LiteOS, part of the problem and solution that the GT 2 series offers. The interface is really light and cannot accumulate among other smartwatches that run from the perspective of third-party applications.

However, LiteOS is battery efficient and fully featured as soon as it exits the box. So its limitations may not really keep you behind.

The watch will transmit notifications from your phone and, on a return to the books. Now plays nicely with iPhones, unlike the original Watch GT 2 of the previous model. Data captured from it will feed on Apple Health, Google Fit, or MyFitnessPal. But you won’t be able to use its smart features for other third-party training apps, such as Strava.

In the box, the watch comes with both leather and silicone straps; Both straps have traditional buckles instead of Apple Watch or Oppo watch-style buckles. Even though it was titanium. We didn’t see the watchmaking us too heavy and slept with it without any problems or disturbances. However, it is certainly not elegant.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro’s 1.39-inch OLED display is sharp, deep, inked and sharp and bright enough. The automatic brightness dims a bit indoors but rises. When it’s out and the user is about to make the interface easy to appear.

Our favorite feature to add to the series is the Wireless Charging support for the Watch GT 2 Pro. This takes the headache of dealing with a proprietary charger and has worked on four different Qi chargers that we use, including the back of our Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

When it comes to exercises and tracking features. Huawei has stepped up its business with a redirection tool. So you can still find the way home even as mobile data is declining. The ship also has an Outdoor Assistant showing sunrise and sunset times, tides, lunar phases, and bad weather information and warnings.

The Watch GT 2’s heart rate monitor has also seen an increase and promises better light transmission. Which means more accurate monitoring. But in our time, it matched more closely than the Nubia Watch and Xiaomi Mi Band 5, two other wearable devices that we tested with our chest belt.

The perfect battery life for a smartwatch is never given. But the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro always takes about 5-6 days, 10-14 days when the open screen is active. While the Apple Watch wasn’t smooth, scrolling feels faster than the old Watch GT. And the week we put on it, the performance was stable.

The result is a great-looking fitness tracker with great build quality and a comprehensive set of features. However, it is not without limitation, so it is not suitable for fitness enthusiasts who rely on third-party app support.

Design and display

  • Titanium body
  • Sapphire glass coating
  • 1.39-inch, 454×454 OLED display

Smartwatches have progressed significantly – think Pebble and Samsung Gear S – all square shapes are presently proclaiming the pervasive Apple Watch. Now, many of today’s best wearables are more like old schools, like the old one.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is one of the best-looking round smartwatches we use. The framed curved sapphire glass windshield curls towards the carved titanium body. A confident, classic design combines fine contrast surfaces and a rich, harmonious aesthetic.

If you get a chance to see someone with meat, we’ll call you to this. Many smartwatches feel clogged or trivial. But the Watch GT 2 Pro balances being a well-weighted, traditional-looking smartwatch with a large, bold display.

The 1.39-inch screen size means the watch is not small. And therefore, no one with more elegant wrists is looking for a thin watch. There should then be a smaller version of 42 mm, but we are currently waiting for the details of the version.

As with most smartwatches, the Watch GT 2 Pro’s display is OLED and bright enough for comfortable viewing. Once you say this, the automatic brightness can be an overly jealous touch inside and darkens everything until natural light comes to your wrist – then it shines immediately. However, we didn’t have any problems with brightness outdoors and overall viewability was great

While the top button is customizable, the top button takes you to your list of apps with two buttons that look like the hills on the right (not them).

The watch comes with a handshake skin and a silicone strap, both that can be easily removed. And also receives standard 46 mm third-party straps so you can easily customize them.

We wore a comfortable Watch GT 2 Pro 2 Pro 24/24 every day. Woke up with it in our week and naturally slept and exercised. Although it was an effectively processed monolithic piece of metal, it didn’t feel cumbersome or uncomfortable. And unlike some cheaper smartwatches, ceramic seats didn’t sweat our hind wrists.

The Design of the Watch GT 2 Pro takes enough class if you’re looking for a large, classic-looking digital watch, and this really shows how far Huawei’s hardware design will go.

Performance and software

  • Runs Huawei’s proprietary Lite operating system
  • 32MB RAM + 4GB storage
  • Fluent GT Watch – but not smooth apple/ OPPO Watch

Given that the specifications are far behind compared to the Apple Watch or Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 3s, it’s surprising that the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is as fluid as it is.

If you want third-party applications with only 32 MB of RAM and the latest dirt A1 CPU that consumes incredibly low power. And uses maximum smartness on your wrist, this is not the right time for you. Huawei knows what it’s doing because the watch optimizes the software in gt 2 Pro incredibly well. Despite familiar hardware, therefore, the user interface is softer than before.

Why would you like a low-powered watch? No Apple, Samsung, or Wear OS smartwatch has excellent battery life. This is usually reserved for fitness followers like the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Huawei’s first Watch GT broke this battery nut, but the user interface was weak.

The Watch GT 2 has evolved on top of that, and the Watch GT 2 Pro feels even smoother. So no Apple Watch smoothness is ideal, but the Apple Watch can’t exceed two days on a single charge.

There are concessions you make for this low power route Huawei is watching. Watch GT 2 Pro does not support third-party applications. It has a comprehensive suite of regular suspects on board. But you’ll have to wait for operating system updates to complete the experience as it comes out of the box.

Additionally, it does not support interactive notifications. So, just like a fitness tracker, it transmits alerts from your phone, but you can’t respond to messages on your wrist.

A big update on notifications is the fact that the Watch GT 2 Pro works almost the same way in terms of availability with both Android and iOS. A major critique of past-generation GPs. In contrast, if you like a round watch and have an iPhone. It should be on your list for the first time a Huawei watch.

Read an extreme guide (how to use a compass) from

You can use the watch as a Bluetooth receiver to search directly for contacts from your GT 2 Pro. The result is among the clearest hour calls we have ever had, and the range is outstanding. Our phone was on a different floor in a traditionally built house in the 1930s and we could still accept a call and talk without any difficulty using the watch.

As for the basic user interface, it is a simple enough system; Scroll left and right to navigate menus (sleep, heart rate, stress levels, weather and activity). Huawei’s voice assistant, Celia, will head for the GT 2 Pro, but the early inspection clock sample was not working. There is a quick transition menu that can scroll down from the top of the screen, and your notifications can be scrolled up and down.

Fortunately, the Huawei Health app is also a solid offering on iOS and Android, acting as a dashboard for your health statistics and also helping you manage your watch. In this way, you can choose from a variety of watch faces that can be made with the watch itself, adjust your favorite contacts, manage stress tracking, and more.


  • Accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Comprehensive exercise support
  • Integration with Apple Health and Google Fit

You maybe interested in

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro uploads health data to three basic services. If you’re using it with an Android phone, Google Fit and MyFitnessPal, and Apple Health if you’re using it with iPhone. These services provide a more connected experience than the first-generation Watch GT, taking advantage of Watch’s heart rate, sleep, step, and exercise tracking.

Press the physical button at the top for a list of apps full of fitness features – proud exercises at the top. This list is also where you can review your training records, track your heart rate, SPO2, and Stress levels at any time, or take a cold pill with some Breath exercises.

The Watch GT 2 Pro offers some useful walking assistants, as well as your usual watch vehicles (alarms, a timer and stopwatch), such as a barometer and a compass.

We won’t go into all of the more than 100 workouts followed, but with 5ATM water and dust proofing, it should be noted that the Watch GT2 Pro supports swimming in both the pool and in open water, as well as a triathlon mode. There’s even a ski slope.

Huawei’s latest Lite Operating System reduces list scrolling and makes it easy to find the workout you want. Giving users the option to add and remove shortcuts to workouts at any time. If your chosen exercise is left out, it is a handy offline navigation assistant that can help you find your home’s path if you get lost.

GPS accuracy was reliably determined in our time, paired with both a phone and a more expensive wearable device; The heart rate monitor also showed only a few stroke intervals compared to the chest strap.

We have a major issue with the GT 2 Pro watch just as an absence of help for outsider applications like Strava and Spotify. Every time you start a training session, it reflects an incredibly high, incredibly frustrating sound from the clock to tell everyone within listening distance that you’re training.

Then, the remains remain in various milestones. It’s been a few generations, please, Huawei, change your voice like nails on a blackboard. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to turn off sound coaching.

Battery life

  • Wireless charging support
  • 10-14 days battery life with light use
  • 5-7 days battery life with moderate operation

The Watch GT 2 Pro is based like previous GT’s and last. If your brightness is limited and your exercises are kept to a minimum, Huawei’s 14-day offerings are realistic. However, use it regularly and you are more likely to go anywhere between 5-10 days.

For us, 7-10 days of battery life is outstanding in a smartwatch that looks so good. What makes the Watch GT 2 Pro even better is that Huawei is the first Watch to offer wireless charging. Even better, unlike Samsung’s newest smartwatch, the GT 2 Pro worked with at least four Qi chargers and gained power under half an hour.

Should you buy the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro?


You want an attractive smartwatch that looks like a watch

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro looks great with titanium, sapphire crystal and ceramic design; there are no two ways to do it.

You don’t want to charge your smartphone as often as your phone

With 5-14 days of battery life, the huawei watch gt 2 pro is one of the best on battery on the market.

Your phone charges wirelessly

Running the Watch GT 2 Pro couldn’t be more convenient: insert it into a wireless charging platform and without it expiring less than half an hour later.

Don’t buy it if…

You need apps

Third-party apps like Strava and Spotify are not compatible with Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. This would be a great disappointment for many people who need these services.

You want a rectangular watch face

Apple Watch and Oppo Watch should scratch the itch of their rectangular watch, but the Huawei Watch GT 2 is among the best round watches on stage.

You have a budget

If you don’t have the money to spend your GT 2 Pro watch, Honor Magic Watch 2 and Huawei Watch GT 2e are good alternatives with slightly cheaper and similar features.

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