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If you can believe it, millions of people are still using Windows XP

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Windows 10, meanwhile, currently works in 60% of all computers. Microsoft’s long-running Windows XP operating system. First released in 2001, is still alive and kicks among some users, according to data from NetMarketShare.

As of last month, 1.26% of all laptops and desktop computers worldwide were still working on the 19-year-old operating system. This is a larger proportion than much younger operating systems Windows 8 (0.57%), ChromeOS (0.42%), and Windows Vista (0.12%).

Windows XP’s lifetime officially ended on April 14, 2014; this means that Microsoft has not provided important technical and security updates for the operating system for more than six years.

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Estimates show that there are now more than two billion computers currently in circulation worldwide; if true, 25.2 million computers continue to run in highly unsafe Windows XP.

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Windows 10 market share

Windows 10, meanwhile, is currently used in more than 60% of all computers worldwide. Just over 50% compared to twelve months ago.

The figures highlight Microsoft’s market dominance despite the high profile of Apple Mac computers. According to market share, the nearest non-Microsoft competitor is Mac OS X 10.15 with 3.49%. Followed by Mac OS X 10.14 (2.96%) and 10.13 (1.44%).

The creeping rise of Windows 10 reflects an equivalent decline in the percentage of machines running Windows 7, down from 31.53% to 22.31% last year.

When Windows 7’s lifetime ended in January. It is important that users switch to Microsoft’s newest operating system to protect against unpatched vulnerabilities.

Aware that Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for outdated operating systems. Cybercriminals can devote their resources specifically to developing malware designed to use outdated flaws.

Given the important computer pool that still runs on unsupported operating systems, the scope of possible attacks remains significant.

For users hoping to stay as safe as possible. The advice is to update the latest Windows, Mac or Linux operating system and protect their devices with a modern antivirus solution.

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