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Increasing website traffic is the most important goal for any website created as a result of great efforts. In this article, we will examine the methods of increasing website hits.


First of all, think about websites with high traffic. Many of these sites are social platform sites that produce original content, contain informative content, or where we can share. Before proceeding with the steps below, you should make sure that the site contains content in which category you want to increase traffic, and that the website shares original content in that area. There are many methods for increasing site hits. You can apply the following methods to increase the hits of your site. However, patience is very important in these works. Don’t be in a hurry!


Quality and Original Content

As I mentioned above, your site should be a site that produces quality and original content. While creating content, take care to offer quality content by considering the visitor’s perspective. You can increase your traffic with content quoted from other sites, but this will not benefit you in the long run!

Keeping the Site Updated

The information you share on the internet can become obsolete very quickly. Traffic to outdated sites may fade over time. To avoid this problem, you should feed your site with new and original content every day.

Social Media Support

You can try to reach more people by sharing the content you share on your site on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, etc. to increase your site’s reach by reaching more users.

In addition, with social media marketing, you can increase the viewing of your posts, thus providing more hits to your site.

Website Backlinks

A backlink is a very important issue to increase the traffic to your website. You can consider backlink as a kind of free advertising method. The point you should pay attention to is which site you are providing a backlink from. You should provide backlinks from websites suitable for your content. Submit your articles to hit sites with the same content as you. In this way, you can promote yourself and get a good backlink. Likewise, share the articles of similar content on your site. Remember that the backlink you get from sites that are not suitable for your content will not benefit you!

Website Traffic SEO Activities

SEO studies are important for any webmaster who wants to increase the hits of the site. You can increase your visibility and popularity by allowing your site to rank high in search engines, thus increasing your traffic. This topic deserves a few separate articles. That’s why you can read our articles on the subject at the following link: SEO Marketing.

SEO Compatible Article

2.5 billion searches are made on Google every day. With SEO compatible articles, you can direct these searchers to your site and provide more website traffic. Make sure your article is long (at least 200- 1000 words). Long content is an important method for increasing website traffic as it can answer any questions. Take care of your titles in your articles. The remarkable headline is intriguing. In this way, you can make your articles read more. Do not focus on a single keyword in your article! We recommend that you process 4-5 keywords in one article. Use the visual content you use in your articles by organizing them to include your keywords.

Keyword Scan

While preparing a new content suitable for the structure of your site, do a keyword search before determining the topic to write. In this way, you can learn the timeliness of the subject you are interested in and determine popular topics and keywords.

In this way, the content you prepare with high search volume words will attract more attention. You can use the Google Search section or other word tools for this.

Search Engine Marketing

The shortest route for site owners who want to increase their website traffic for a fee and quickly is search engine marketing, SEM. Since Google is the most used search engine, the most widely used search engine marketing system is Google AdWords.

You can increase the visibility of the site, increase your position in the search results and increase your traffic in a short time with the payments you make for the keywords that are suitable with the concept of the site.


Website Traffic or Hits Analysis

If you want to increase your website traffic, you must first perform a detailed analysis of the current traffic. “Google Analytics” may be preferred for a comprehensive analysis of this subject.


Google Analytics is a free Google service that provides instant tracking of the traffic of websites, providing information on the source of website traffic, target audience inquiries, and the time spent on the site. With the analysis to be made, you can determine the reason for low website traffic and take action.

You can also access the keyword list that provides traffic to increase site hits through this system. You can access the organic keyword list from the “Search Console” section in the Google Analytics panel. You can learn the words that give you high traffic from the words you have obtained, and you can search for ways to get higher traffic from the words that provide low amounts of traffic.

Communication with Visitors

By creating a field where your visitors can get help (question and answer sections/form) or ask questions to your visitors as another method, you can learn their expectations and create a communication link between your site and your visitors.


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