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India bans PUBG and over 100 additional Chinese apps

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India has banned over 100 additional applications linked to China, including the popular mobile game PUBG. And cited cybersecurity concerns as geopolitical tensions escalate on the disputed border of the two neighboring countries.

On Wednesday, India’s IT Ministry banned 118 applications, which it said “undermined India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s defence. The security of the state and open request. The move will help ensure the interests of Indian versatile/web clients in the Crores (many millions). The ministry said the decision was to aim at ensuring its security, security and the sovereignty of India’s cyber space.

The move comes months after New Delhi banned 59 Chinese applications, including TikTok, which considers India the largest international market.

New apps banned today include search engine Baidu, business collaboration package WeChat Work, cloud storage service Tencent Weiyun. Rise of Kingdoms game, utility help APUS Launcher, VPN for TikTok, online business administration Mobile Taobao, video facilitating. Service Youko, news source Sina News, card reader service CamCard and also a miniature version of PUBG.


PUBG, distributed and dispersed in India by Chinese giant Tencent. It is by a long shot the most mainstream title among recently restricted applications. According to one of the top mobile analytics companies, India had over 40 million monthly active users in July. According to research firm Sensor Tower, India accounts for more than a quarter of PUBG’s lifetime downloads.

Youths are playing PUBG game on their mobile phones in Srinagar, Kashmir. PUBG, the game which has the adolescent stuck to their telephone screens, has become a genuine habit. Little fellows and young ladies are caught up with playing the game, while all that else is occurring around them.

The Ministry of Electronics

“The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technologies has gotten a few grumblings from original sources. Including reports that some mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms misused. Because of the theft and users secretly transmit their data to servers with locations outside. India’s ministry said in a statement that India ,”. “There was a solid melody of severe measures in the open arena against india’s sway. And practices that harm the privacy of our citizens.”

The Software Law and Freedom Center, a New Delhi-based digital advocacy group, complained about the reasons for the ban. India sadly needs both an information assurance law and a far-reaching cybersecurity strategy. The ban highlighted the need for transparency and accountability in executive decisions, banning committee transactions and practices or websites.

Tensions between the world’s two most populous countries have been swirling since earlier this year. And have risen since June when over 20 Indian soldiers killed in a shootout in the Himalayas.

As he posted videos showing the destruction of Chinese-made smartphones, TVs and other products, “Boycott China” and its variations trended on Twitter in India.

In April, India changed its foreign investment policy requiring Chinese investors. Who have invested billions of dollars in Indian ventures in recent years to get approval from New Delhi before writing new checks to Indian firms? The move has significantly reduced Chinese investors in the flows of deals with Indian entrepreneurs in recent months.

Alibaba Group reportedly halted new investments in Indian companies last month for at least six months.

On Monday, India’s Defense Ministry said Indian troops had halted an attempt by Chinese troops last week to claim more space, violating the two countries’ existing agreements.

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