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IOS 14 Introduced. Wondering Features and Innovations

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Apple, a brand and leader in smart mobile phones, tablets and computers, introduced the new operating system at an event. In the WWDC 2020 event, where the operating system called IOS 14 was promoted, the operating system. Which attracts attention with its features and design, has many innovative features.

Introduced Features and Innovations for iOS 14

If you are an iPhone user for a long time, we can say that you are facing an operating system that you are familiar with. However, if you are a new user. Tt should be said that you will encounter an operating system that will attract more attention and ease of use. Two important features that stand out for iOS 14 are FaceID. The ease of use for iPhone models without a home button.

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Swiping up the screen that users with Android history are accustomed to see the open applications is coming to iPhone devices with the new operating system. This makes it a little easier to close open applications that iPhone users are having trouble with. With this feature, the charging time on the phones is aimed to last longer.

Another part of the innovations that came with iOS 14 is related to the iMessage application, which functions as SMS and messaging on iPhone devices. It was announced in the promotion that many features popular in Whatsapp. The most used chat application in the world, were brought into the messaging application as a feature. Classic Whatsapp features such as person tagging, retrieving sent messages. Marking messages as unread have been brought to the iMessage app.

One of the features introduced at the events was for the Safari application, the browser of Apple devices. When a site in a different language was entered in Safari, it was necessary to use third party software to translate it. With the new feature added, it will be easier to translate pages with its own translation system. Of course.

How high-performance it will work due to language usage differences is one of the topics that are curious. There are a few other features that come out of these features, but these are explained as inactive features in our country. The developer version of the operating system has been made available for download.

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