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KEYSION Shockproof Case for Samsung A51 A71 A31 & More

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KEYSION Shockproof Case for Samsung A51 A71 A31 Phone Cover for Galaxy S20 Ultra S10 Lite Note 10 Plus A50 A70 A40 A10 A01 A21S. Many Phone Cases are listed as “shock-resistant phone cases,” but what does this really mean? Does this mean that any fall will protect your phone? Not exactly. This means that the object can fall from a significant height and then still work. “Shock” means the effect the phone will have when it lands.

So when it affects the floor, the shock will be absorbed by the safe surrounding the phone. This is the definition of shock resistance, and this is what a shock-resistant case would do for your phone. Most shock-resistant cases are made with a softer material inside because this is what sucks the shock, so your phone doesn’t do that.

This can also be called fall-resistant or shock-resistant, shock-resistant or shock-resistant phone cases, but they all mean the same.

KEYSION Ring Phone Case for Samsung S20 Ultra S10 Lite Note 20 10 Plus Shockproof Cover for A51 A71 A41 A31 A21S A01 A70 A50 M31(Save 44% Now).

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