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KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

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KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer (White) Compatible w/ iOS & Android, NFC & Bluetooth Devices.

Kodak Photo Printer Mini is a great little printer that offers a mix of high-quality printing and affordable price. The printer itself is cumbersome and a bit slow, but the photos themselves are slightly larger and of higher quality than average.

Kodap Step App


Expert Editing
The Kodak Step App provides more than just standard cropping and rotating options. Get great picture printing by adjusting brightness, color temperatures, blur settings, and more.

Creative Collages
Print up to four images in a single photo with the app’s collage mode. Great photo montages are only a minute away.

Play with your pictures
Add stickers, filters, and fun frames; even draw directly on your photos from KODAK STEP PRINTS!

Plenty of Printing
The powerful built-in battery supports up to 25 prints on a single charge.

Photography on the Go
KODAK STEP Put the printer in your pocket and you’re ready to print wherever you go!

Print from your phone
Kodak STEP Printer connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, so no computer is required.

Permanent Instant Prints
Bulky cartridges are not required. 2×3″ a protective layer is applied to each sheet of adhesive photo paper, protecting it from tears, water damage, and stains.

Inkless Printing
No need for ink, toner, or cartridges: all you need is ZINK paper. This is because each page is embedded with colored crystals that are automatically enabled every time you take a photo.

Zink Paper Prints
Enjoy vivid, full-color instant photos with a level of detail that’s possible with ONLY 2K ZERO INK Technology.

For a very long time, Kodak was the biggest name in photography, dominating every area of the photography world, from cameras to filming and developing chemicals. Digital is much less dominant today, but don’t count Kodak yet. The company’s latest product is a mobile photo printer called Kodak Photo Printer Mini, which directly targets smartphone photographers and social networking that informs everyday photography today. The printer isn’t perfect, but it does a lot of things right and provides high-quality prints at an affordable price.


The compact printer earns the name “Mini” with a rectangular design measuring 3 x 6 x 0.9 inches, and makes it small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, bag or backpack.

Performance and operation

Printing is a four-pass process, placing one layer of color at a time, partially moving the photo paper out of the printer, and then feeding it back for the next layer. All three transitions to create vibrant colors are colored, layer yellow, followed by magenta, and finally cyan. The fourth and final pass leaves a protective transparent coating layer that prevents staining. Kodak claims that this layer of upper floors will withstand both fingerprints and de-dealer and that individual photo prints will survive without fading for more than a decade when stored appropriately.

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