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Learn: How can I use Google Ads

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You can start learning with courses that are free and prepared by Google. You can take the Academy for Ads exams to reinforce what you have learned and qualify for certification. If you cannot apply what you have learned with Ads, you will soon forget it. It’s not just about forgetting, but as with every new thing, you have to practice to gain experience. You can create demo campaigns where you can experiment in the Ads panel and improve yourself. Then it starts running your own ads in small numbers, you can move your level one click higher.

Google Ads or SEO?

In fact, Google Ads and SEO, namely search engine optimization, are two concepts that generally serve the same purpose. Both Ads and SEO allow you to increase your website traffic, interactions, and conversions. Only the methods and processes used for this are different.

Imagine that you have started a new business and have designed a new website accordingly. You have to work for months to climb to the top with SEO; however, even if you have been struggling for years, you may not be able to get to the top. Because SEO takes a lot of effort, patience, and time. You also need to prove to Google that you have whatever users are looking for, but Google does very detailed analysis to give its users the best and is not easily convinced.

However, when it comes to Google Ads, the situation is different. When you create an effective campaign, you can have a good ranking immediately and start interacting quickly. Your ad rank is determined by cost-per-click (CPC) and quality score. The higher your expected clickthrough rate, the more relevant your ad campaign search query is, and the higher your landing page, the higher your quality score.

Google Ads is easier than SEO. To perform search engine optimization, you need to deal with on-site and off-site edits. You need to be knowledgeable and experienced on many different topics such as page opening speed, SEO compatible content production, mobile compatibility, user experience, backlink and social media links, as well as detailed SEO analysis and know-how. However, creating an Ads ad campaign does not require as much technical detail as search engine optimization, so it is easier.

One of the most important differences between Google Ads and SEO is when you buy SEO service, you pay up to certain limits. When you prepare an ad campaign with Google Ads, you must pay per click, per interaction, or per impression, depending on the ad model. However, you do not have to pay anyone for adding a post to your website while doing search engine optimization. Unless you print this content to someone else. 🙂

These comparisons do not mean that you should choose Ads ads or SEO. On the contrary, you need to use both together to get an effective result.

When you open a new website, you can announce your brand, products, and services quickly with Ads ads and then invest in SEO. You can take a keyword to the top in organic searches thanks to SEO studies, while taking another to the top with Google Ads. You can share your time and effort between Google Ads and SEO to maximize interactions.

If we pack it up,

  • Google Ads is the world’s largest and powerful network of digital advertising platforms that have proven itself.
  • It has advantages such as increasing brand awareness and sales, reaching potential customers, and targeting.
  • You can choose the “Smart Campaign” mode to create an ad campaign with Google Ads. Effectively leading inexperienced advertisers with smart campaigns, Google allows you to easily create your campaign with this mode. If you are experienced in digital advertising, you can choose the “expert” mode, which gives you more options in targeting and advertising models.
  • When creating an ad campaign, you need to enter your company information, target, write ad text, or create an image/video and adjust your budget.
  • You can choose the ad models that best suit your target during the stage of creating your ad campaign. These models are search networks, display networks, shopping, video, application campaigns, and remarketing.
  • It is not a comparison of Google Ads and SEO, they are strategies that must be used together. Both offer effective solutions to increase website traffic.

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