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Google Workspace will not be immediately available to all existing G Suite customers, and users of the education sector and NGOs (What is NGOs?) will face an additional waiting process. “While the new incorporated workspace is presently commonly accessible to buyer and business clients, it won’t promptly apply to mark change preparing and non-benefit customers (which will be accessible in the coming months),” a Google spokesperson said.

G Suite is now Google Workspace

“For the foreseeable future, G Suite for Education and G Suite for NGOs will continue to offer offers until Google updates.” Google has carried out a major overhaul of G Suite, which has been renamed Google Workspace.

The new package includes all the old favorites – Gmail, Agenda, Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Meet, etc. – but offers a “more deeply integrated user experience” than Google.

Basically, Google has improved the interoperability of a variety of productivity services by blurring the lines between each product for a more fluid feel.

For example, users can create and collaborate on documents from a chat room and preview a file submitted by a colleague without having to open it completely.

Another update brings the image mode in the Google Meet image to Docs, Spreadsheets and Slides (in addition to the existing support in Gmail and Chats). This means that employees can both see and hear colleagues working together on a document, spreadsheet or set of presentations.

The process of colleagues labeled in documents has also become more feature-rich; After @bahsetmek will now create a menu that contains contact details, suggests actions and provides more context.

Google Workspace is immediately available to all existing G Suite customers, but not all new features will be available at launch. The company has also introduced a new level of service called Business Plus, which includes “enhanced security and management controls.”

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G Suite is dead, long live Google Workspace

According to Google, the transition to a less silica model is the product of years of gradual evolution, now encoded under the new Google Workspace brand.

The change will be marked across the entire product line with consistent, bright, new and multicolored icons (according to the Google logo’s color palette).

“Ten years ago, when most of our products were first developed, they were created as independent applications that solve different challenges.” Over time, our products have become more integrated and the boundaries between our applications have begun to disappear,” said Javier Soltero, Vice President. President and CEO of Google Workspace.

“Our new Google Workspace brand mirrors this more associated, helpful, and adaptable experience, and our symbols mirror something very similar.”

The change also coincides with a fundamental change in the way staff cooperate with each other and that the global pandemic catalyzes (if not why).

“It’s the end of the ‘office’, as we know it. From now on, teams must move forward face-to-face, keep time to focus on the most efficient work and connect with people in new ways,” Soltero added.

“Google Workspace offers users a familiar and fully integrated user experience that helps everyone succeed in this new reality, whether you’re working in the office, at home, on the front line, or interacting with customers.”

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