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New Super Luxe Fitness Trackers For Adventures By Garmin

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Garmin has added four new watches to its Marq line of luxury fitness trackers. The new Marq Performance Edition watches are made for exclusive outdoor events with models designed for unorthodox scouts, aerators, drivers, and adventurers. All four watches can be used to send and receive messages through Garmin’s inReach satellite communicators, allowing you to stay in touch even in the most secluded places, but are designed for both style and function.

However, despite their highly specialized features and designs, the new watches are actually slightly less expensive versions of Marq’s mainline, with bands made of practical silicone instead of materials such as vacchetta leather and titanium.

More to Check Out

The Marq Athlete Performance Edition displays recovery time scales and VO2 (Best VO2 Products to Buy) max on your carbon-coated titanium (Best carbon-coated titanium Products) bezel so you can check your fitness and training progress at a glance. It offers step-by-step GPS navigation and shows you the most popular routes near you using Trendline popularity routing.

It comes with Garmin’s new HR Pro chest strap heart rate monitor and will return runners, cyclists, and swimmers $1,700/$1,499.99 (approximately AU$2,400).

Time to explore

The Marq Adventurer Performance Edition has a similar titanium frame and case, this time carved with a compass design. Its dedicated orientation mode overlaps a digital compass over a GPS map, and its Expedition app keeps power consumption to a minimum for travel away from power outlets. It costs $1,600 / $1,399.99 (about AU $2,200).

Recommended By Amazon

For race days, the Marq Driver Performance Edition (with a ‘Plasma Red’ watch strap) comes preloaded with maps of 250 race tracks from around the world, plus a tachymeter and chronograph. Sold at $2,100/$1,899.99 (about AU$2,400).

Finishing the set, Marq Aviator Performance Edition gives flying meteorological forecasts, the capacity to move flight plans from the Garmin Pilot application, and flight enrollment. It will lighten your wallet at $1,600/$1,499.99 (approximately AU$2,400).

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