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In today’s post, we explore different online job sets that are readily available online. On content mill sites and professional social sites. If anything, you only need a strong internet connection, a laptop, and/or just a reliable high-performance smartphone to start earning with these online jobs opportunity.

Get Freelance Websites, IT and Software Online Jobs

This is one of the most popular and sought-after talents on the internet. Of course after free online writing. In stand-alone, more than 24,000 Web Site, IT, and Software projects reportedly logged in 2019. My guess is there will be a 10% or even 20% increase in projects that need these skill sets in 2020.

Get Mobiles Phones & IT Online Jobs 

Just like a website, IT and software jobs, mobile phones, and computing jobs need skilled people to perform. Therefore, there is not much competition in this area, and not many companies outsourcing either. In 2019, only 3,460 mobile phone and computing projects were published on

Join Freelancing Writing & Content Online Jobs

Freelance writing jobs are by far the easiest to secure jobs online. They do not need any experience and absolutely do not need any investment before being hired. If anything, you just need excellent communication skills and an explosion! You are hired. Not to get involved though, not all writing jobs have the same format. And of course, not all sound good with the same sound.

Depending on the mill site you choose to work with, you can withdraw your earnings to Mpesa, Skrill, Paypal, Visa, and/or WebMoney. Find what suits you and do it.

Freelance Design, Media & Architectural Works Online Jobs

More freelance design, media, and architecture jobs were published in 2019, and more than writing jobs. What does that tell you? Design, freelance, and media jobs are in more demand than most household jobs. In fact, they were the second most popular concerts in 2019. Therefore, if you are a designer, architecture, or media person, you can be sure that you will get more concerts in 2020.

Freelance Data Entry & Exclusive Online Jobs

While data entry and executive jobs are the easiest online freelance jobs you can find online, they are not easy to come by. And if you get any by chance, they don’t pay well and most of them end up being a scam. In case it’s the only gig you can do on this list, work it out – only if your employer agrees to prepay what is known as the milestone on Otherwise, save your time and soul frustration

Free Engineering & Science Affairs 

Unlike data entry and freelance online writing jobs that anyone can do, regardless of whether they are certified for any skill; freelance engineering and science jobs can only be done by qualified personnel. You can lie to content mill systems about being qualified for the job. But tell me, buddy, what if you were awarded a project in medicine, biotechnology, or medical research, and is the birth certificate the only certificate you have?

Haha… Tell me how it was put up.

Forex Trading Online Jobs

From where I sit, Forex Trading has grown a lot in Kenya and all other parts of the world – India, Nigeria, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Tanzania – but there are currently a few countries at the top of their trading geographies.

Freelance Product Procurement and Production 

These are supply chain jobs, product design, manufacturing, supplier sourcing, computer-aided manufacturing, and buyer sourcing over the internet. While there aren’t many on content mill sites, you can find one or two if you know where to look.

Free Sales and Marketing Affairs 

Interestingly, 99% of startups in this decade share the same goal – profit maximization. But that’s the easy part. The difficult part is to achieve this goal. And here it is – an influencer, a social media strategist, Vlogger, content marketer/marketing strategist… comes in.

Freight, Shipping, and Transportation 

Come on, almost 2020. Freelancers have no limits. And it’s not just about online writing, transcription, virtual assistant jobs, or affiliate marketing anymore. Freelance work has grown, and in 2020 you can work from home on freight, freight, and transportation projects as much as you can work on data entry. These online jobs include flower delivery, courier, packing and shipping, parcel delivery, pick-up, delivery, and logistics scheduling. All are made from home.

Freelance Jobs for Translation and Languages 

If you are bilingual and fluent in any of the languages ​​listed below, you can sometimes do language and translation jobs online.

Local Freelance Jobs and Services 

As far as self-employment is supposed to be online jobs, there are thousands of people that can only be done in this location. In the workplace, home, on the road, or anywhere else but the Internet. These types of jobs are known as local self-employment jobs and services. Just enough of these at If you want more, you can constantly search for them on your local job listing sites. Kenya, Brightermonday, and Jobs Web Kenya are known to update their lists frequently.

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