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Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate – Best Video Editing Software

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The Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate is a brilliant software will help you create complex projects with impressive modern tools. And do a lot of complex work for you and help you focus on your creative side.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is the big brother video editing software for Video Studio Ultimate, a more simplified version of Corel. Therefore, you notice that the interface with three tabs at the top to divide your workflow into logical sections looks similar: Import, Edit, and Export (videos studios are tag as Capture, Editing, and Sharing). However, the way everything about it is refine gives you a much more enjoyable and professional experience.

If you are familiar with this software package. The first time you start Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate, with the home page (a page small ‘home’ icon, the top of the interface. Where you can return). This is where Corel offers you some of his latest news and tutorials. And can be a useful resource for both novices and experienced users. There is also a Store where you can buy additional effects and filters.

import footage, delete originals and manage other common setting from dashboard


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Importing clips are simple. As you expect, you do this from the Import interface tab. Navigate your hard drives and select the clips (photos, videos, or audio files) you want to use. You’ll given the option to copy or link the selected shot.

Binding saves space, but if your media stores on multiple drives. It might be a better option to allow Pinnacle Studio to copy files to a single location. Either way, it’s a good thing you have the option to choose what’s best suited to your workflow. When you import images directly from a camera, copying explicitly selected by default.

The updated section looks similar to the previous one


The editorial section is where you spend most of your time. The interface divided into three major sections: libraries on the left, preview window on the right, and timeline at the bottom.

The library doubles as an Editor where you can fine-tune the parameters of a clip or access tools such as color correction. It’s nice that all parameters are key frames. So, they’re animated over time to create an unlimited array of effects.

It was also nice to adjust input and output points to specify traditional keyboard shortcuts such as I and C, or to notice that you can navigate using traditional keyboard shortcuts such as JKL keys to stop and go forward, respectively.


The left of the library contains a series of icons. These give you access to special effects, transitions, titles (including easy-to-use 3D titles), copyright-free audio files, split screen effects, themes, etc. Everything you need to customize and make your project unique.

There are many options in each category. For example, select someone, such as Transitions, and the Library replaced with thumbnails for each. There’s a lot you can choose from, and they’re not terrible, and they’re making an uplifting change in respectable cross-thaw.

You can export up to 4K quality


There’s another set of tools just above the Timeline. This line can customized and you can choose which icons to display. It always includes traditional tools to expect from editing an app, such as the convenient Scrolling, Scrolling, and Rotate tools. Pinnacle Studio also supports 3- and 4-point editing, making this software feel like an appropriate editing program.

Pinnacle Studio also can capture your computer’s screen. But do better because it can save other resources at the same time. Therefore, you can save your webcam microphone at the same time with your computer’s voice. And save as separate files in the project. For example, you can save a lot of your time if you take many screenshots for your tutorials.

Additional features

Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate offers new functions to make your arrangements more vibrant and eye-catching.

Many changes have made around the masks feature. For example, you can now create dynamic masks that follow the target. As you move on the screen, or when the camera hovers over an object.

Some of our favorite features remind you of image editing tools, such as the “Smart Edge” feature, which allows you to use a brush to define a mask with impressively good edge detection algorithms to choose exactly what you want.

Built-in Automatic Face detection can help you achieve more feature fast.

There’s even a face tracking feature that does most of it for you: It detects faces on the screen and, after selecting someone you want, can watch this face over time for the entire duration of the clip. This then allows you to apply the effects separately, especially to that face or background.

Another optimization that we appreciate very much is the redesigned Title Editor and (end!) allows you to create and design titles directly in the main preview window. You can edit, move your text, and so on.

Many Improved text features such as editing and manipulate your text directly from preview window

Text animation has also improved, and as you see appropriate, it allowed you to animate an entire block of text, a line, a word, or only individual letters. You can even save such creations as templates and create your own custom animated text effects library.

And speaking of animation, those who try to animate every aspect of a scene will appreciate. The ability to select and reposition multiple animation frames and save a lot of time when creating animations, because you will start and finish the animation differently.

When you have to set these key frames manually and reset each parameter instead. It’s going to be a big time saver.

Final decision

Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate is an excellent video editing app that offers many vehicles for just $129.95 (£114.95). The interface feels rich and professional.

The app is very stable, and it is a pleasure to use thanks to many keyboard shortcuts that allow you to work quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for something beyond any package software that comes with your computer, definitely inspect this….

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