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PS5 price and pre-orders: what we know about the PlayStation 5 cost and when you can buy it

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We are still waiting for precise details about the price of the PS5. But fortunately for us, this wait is almost over. Tomorrow, Sony’s planned latest PS5 Showcase event will provide some new details about both the launch price and PS5 pre-orders. So prepare and prepare your pre-order.

Of course, this comes immediately after rival Microsoft announced not only the release price and date of Xbox Series X, but also the pre-order window.

With Microsoft announcing that the Xbox Series X will also be up to $499. We expect the PS5 price to reach $499, which seems more likely. While there are a few murmurs that ps5 can actually be more expensive than two. We still think it’s unlikely that it will exceed this $500 barrier.

Again, there is still speculation until tomorrow’s announcement. But what we know about the price of the PS5 will probably be more expensive than the new PS5 Digital Edition price. Being the principal PlayStation comfort to surrender the plate drive should make the Digital Edition a more practical choice for the individuals. Who need something somewhat simpler in their pockets than the initial PS5 price. But we won’t know how much until tomorrow. As soon as possible.

Don’t worry if you want to register your name – you don’t have to wait long for a PS5 pre-order. When Sony launches its own PS5 pre-order plan for built-in PSN account holders. And immediately after tomorrow’s announcement. We can see what they have arrived later. Make sure you’re moving fast, because we can’t be sure how many units you’ll have at first – especially if there’s a phased version.

So what can we expect from the PS5 price based on what we already know? And will the price of the PS5 Digital Edition make it the most popular option? Read on to find out. And add this page to bookmarks, because we’ll update as soon as you know more about the PRICE of PS5 and pre-orders.


  • Predicted PS5 price: $499 / £449 / AU$749
  • Next date for PS5 price information: September 16


Sony has not yet disclosed the price of the PS5. But analyst estimates placed the PS5 price at $499/449 to £749 AU. We think this sounds right, because breaking the $500 mark will make the PS5 a challenging sale and put the PS5 at a disadvantage for the $499 Xbox Series X price tag.

The most expensive PlayStation console launch in North America to date was the eye-catching PS3 at $599.99. Setting the PS5 price at $100 more than ps4 but $100 less than ps3, especially given the potential of hardware here, it’s coming towards us. However, some industry analysts estimate the console could come up to about $599.

However, this is considered the price of the standard version. And now we know there will be two PS5 consoles at launch: a standard PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition (more below). This may probably sound lower, but we’re not sure how much it is – but some predict it could come around $499.

We don’t expect the PS5 to be cheap, and Sony seems to ease fears that the next-generation console will probably cost a bit more than the Xbox Series X. The value of the next-generation console on the price tag. However, if you want to buy a next-generation console cheaper. At the end of the tunnel, you can light up with the price of the PS5 Digital Edition.

Fortunately, we don’t need to speculate for longer, because Sony will finally announce the price of the PS5 at the PS5 Showcase on September 16th


The PS5 Digital Edition is reminiscent of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Retaining the same features as its flagship console, but eliminating the traditional disc tray and making it a little more fluid by focusing solely on digital content.

We expect the PS5 Digital Edition price to be cheaper, but it’s unclear how much. After all, there’s still a significant amount of brand new power in it. None of them come much cheaper when the disc tray is removed. It may offer a more affordable option for those at the start of the purchase, but it is unlikely to come cheap in any way.

However, the Xbox Series S has been announced with a price tag of $299. And it’s likely Sony will try to match it as closely as possible with its own budget version. However, because PlayStation highlights the value above the price at every turn, they can fall behind this $300 target line. Especially given that PS5 Digital Edition has the same characteristics as the standard version in which Xbox Series S was dropped from the Series, x. If Microsoft goes in the way, we can expect the price of PS5 Digital Edition to be around $349 – but we won’t raise our hopes.


Sony wants to activate its PS5 pre-orders soon, but it has renewed concerns about a limited launch. Creating a system exclusively for fans to package the latest console before the rest of the market. Indeed, previous reports indicated that Sony expects limited early work on its new console. But fears have been calmed down in some way following sony’s news that it is working on an increased console supply to meet demand. With the latest information surrounding signing up for only PlayStation fans (in the US). The first one from the first picks, but ps5 pre-orders seem likely to be a competitive issue.

These PS5 pre-orders are not yet available. But you can sign up for email notifications from various retailers such as Best Buy, GameStop, Currys, and GAME. This means you will be one of the first to learn when PS5 pre-orders will be published, but it does not yet guarantee you a unit.

However, if you want to have a PS5 as soon as possible, you will want to see your name on this list. However, when PS5 pre-orders go on the air, wait for your console to pay a deposit in advance to secure it. Possibly between $50-100 (£50-100). It should also be noted that PS5 pre-orders may be limited to one console per customer.

We will likely learn about ps5 pre-orders at Sony’s PS5 Showcase on September 16, including the date they were released.


PS5 pre-orders have not yet been published, but many retailers have launched their landing pages. We collect the best US stores to find your PS5 pre-order record, so you can go directly to good products.


You’ll find everything you need to know about ps5 on Amazon, and after signing up for the first notification of a PS5 preorder, you’ll be one of the first to learn when the console opens.


If you are looking for PS5 pre-orders in the UK, you will find many retailers already offering registration notices. Amazon and Currys will likely have the most stock, but you can sneak into a more general retailer where fewer customers will also go.


As a retail giant, Amazon is likely to have a significant amount of PS5 pre-order units. This means a chance to come to someone with your name more when the notification email arrives in your inbox. Not only that, Amazon’s landing page goes into more detail about games and accessories.


As the size of Sony’s supply is at the heart of many online rumours, it’s hard to know if a PS5 pre-order is required to secure your console during the 2020 Holiday.

Previous reports that Sony stocked before a busy PS5 launch suggested that leaving with your money before it was released may not be crucial to creating a console for yourself this year. But this came before Sony’s own PlayStation first pre-order system. Such a selective approach appears to show that the PS5 will be limited. When it is released, but Sony has previously announced an increase in production to meet expected demand.

While this facilitates a portion of the weight brought about by early PS5 pre-orders. We don’t have the foggiest idea of what accessibility will resemble on dispatch day. The figures seem to even meet the pandemic-level demand. So, if you’re having trouble finding a deposit for a new console right now, they may not all be lost.

If you are concerned about being late to the party and have accumulated cash in preparation. But a PS5 pre-order is definitely worth it for peace of mind.


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