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QuickBooks Desktop 2021: Know all about intuit

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We can all agree that 2020 has been a whole year. Many of us are ready to leave him behind and look forward to the year ahead. Intuit has taken a leap into the new year with the release of QuickBooks Desktop 2021, the latest version of its best-selling accounting software.

But before you headfirst in an upgrade, take a few minutes to figure out what’s new in QuickBooks Desktop 2021. In this article, we’ll explore new features and rates to help you determine if this latest version is right for your business.

What is Quickbooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products basically target small and medium-sized businesses and offer cloud-based versions that accept commercial payments, manage and pay invoices and functions, as well as on-site accounting practices.

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What’s new in QuickBooks Office 2021?

QuickBooks 2021 offers a range of new features that make it easy for small businesses to balance their accounts. These features include bank flow improvements, automatic account summaries, categorized coupon entries, and coupon customization.

QuickBooks 2021 Features

How about we investigate every one of the new highlights offered by QuickBooks Desktop 2021 so you can perceive how these progressions are influencing your business.

  • Automatic expressions
  • Improvements to bank power
  • Receipt management tools
  • Customer groups
  • Personalized receipts

Of course, you’ll always have access to the same interesting features that were offered in the previous version of QuickBooks Office, including cash or accrual accounting, expense tracking, billing, forecasts and offers, communications management, inventory, etc.

If you’re a Mac user, QuickBooks for Mac offers a range of new features in its latest software. These features include:

  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Electronic payments by statement: Simplify and simplify your statements for you and your customers by adding a link to the direct payment portal.
  • Consolidated invoices: Combine multiple invoices into one email.
  • Sales tax codes: You can now register sales tax for out-of-state orders, non-profit organizations, and several regions.
  • 1099 e-Filing: you can now deposit 1099 online via QuickBooks for Mac.

QuickBooks Office 2021 Rate Changes

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 also brings higher prices. There are several pricing options available to you. Let’s look at the cost of each option to help you determine which one is right for you.

QuickBooks2020 Pricing2021 Pricing
QuickBooks Pro$199.95/year
$299.95 one-time license
$399.99 one-time license
QuickBooks Premier$299.95/year
$499.95 one-time license
$649.99 one-time license
QuickBooks EnterpriseStarting at $924/year$1,213/year
QuickBooks Mac$399.99 one-time license$399.99 one-time license

2021 QuickBooks Pro

Your first option is to purchase an annual subscription. QuickBooks Pro Plus 2021 is priced at $299.99/year, although you can get discounts when you buy directly through Intuit. With this subscription plan, you’ll have full access to QuickBooks Desktop, unlimited customer service, automatic backup and restoration, as well as automatic updates and fixes. You can also add payroll and accommodation services. Additional users can also be added for a fee.

You can also choose to purchase a QuickBooks Pro 2021 license for a one-time fee of $399.99. While this may seem like the cheapest option, there are a few things to consider. Automatic updates, data recovery and backups are not included. You will also pay an additional $299.95/year for a care plan that offers unlimited support. These are all included at no extra cost when you subscribe to QuickBooks Pro Plus 2021. Pay, hosting services and additional users can be added for an additional fee.

QuickBooks Pro Plus 2021 – Payroll
If you have employees and plan to use QuickBooks for payroll, QuickBooks Pro Plus 2021 – Pay What You’re Looking for. This plan costs $749.99 per year. It includes everything from the QuickBooks Pro Plus 2021 subscription to the improved QuickBooks pay. Additional hosting services and users can be added for a fee.

QuickBooks Premier 2021
If you want everything QuickBooks Pro has to offer but want industry-specific software, QuickBooks Premier 2021 is a good choice. QuickBooks Premier 2021 can be purchased for a one-time fee of $649.99. The QuickBooks payroll and care plan can be added at an additional cost.

If you prefer an annual subscription that includes unlimited customer support, updates and automatic data backups, you can sign up for Premier Plus 2021 for $499.99/year.

QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021 – Payroll
You can connect to Premier Plus 2021 with the addition of improved payroll at a cost of $949.99/year.

QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0
Companies looking for a more scalable solution may want to try QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0. With this plan, you can have up to 40 users and access additional features, including advanced inventory, priority support, and industry-specific software versions. QuickBooks Enterprise costs $1,213 per year.

QuickBooks for Mac 2021
There are no complicated pricing levels for QuickBooks for Mac. This software is available for a one-time cost of $399.99.

Office QuickBooks 2020 VS Bureau QuickBooks 2021

FeaturesQuickBooks Desktop 2020QuickBooks Desktop 2021
Automatic Statements
Receipt Management
Customer Groups
Live Bank Feeds
Custom Payment Receipts

Intuit has always added new features to further simplify its accounting software, and the release of QuickBooks Desktop 2021 is no exception.

One of the biggest additions is automated statements. This feature allows you to automatically send scheduled statements or payment reminders to your customers. With automated reminders, you can get paid faster without having to manually set up statements.

Another element added to robotize measures is improved receipt of the executives. Users can access the download of expense receipts from a computer or mobile device, making it easy and easy to track expenses. You can also automatically file and record multiple transactions at the same time, reducing the time you spend importing receipt data.

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 now offers customer groups. With this feature, you can group customers based on defined criteria such as location, customer status, or customer type. Whenever you’ve made your gatherings, you can send computerized explanations, installment updates, or make custom mailing records.

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 also makes improvements to bank flows, making it faster than ever to review, add or match banking transactions. The latest improvements to bank flows save time by automatically classifying bank transactions by accounts, beneficiaries and classes. You can take advantage of batch editing and improved rules to reduce data entry, while facilitating and speeding up search and gap resolution.

Finally, the latest version of the software allows you to customize your payment receipts with a custom logo or fields to give your receipts a more polished and professional look.

Should you switch to QuickBooks 2021?

The first factor to consider before switching to QuickBooks 2021 is the version your company is currently using. If you’re using QuickBooks 2018 or an earlier version, your software support may have already expired (or is about to expire soon). While you can still use your software, you lose technical support, as well as important features such as security updates and access to QuickBooks Payroll. Therefore, if you haven’t updated your software for some time, it may be a good idea to upgrade to the latest version.

On the other hand, if you’re using a newer version of QuickBooks desktop, an upgrade may not be necessary. While there are a handful of new features, these features may not be worth the price increase that accompanies the upgrade to QuickBooks 2021.

If you’re an annual subscriber, you’ll be automatically updated to the latest version and will be able to use all the new features. But if you’ve made a one-time purchase, you’ll need to evaluate whether the new features will benefit your business and are worth the extra cost of upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2021.

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