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New features in QuickBooks Desktop 2021

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QuickBooks Desktop 2021 offers both new and improved features to help you pay faster while making data that your employees see as more efficient for their business role.

Discover what’s new in QuickBooks Bureau 2021.

Here are those included in the 2021 desktop version of QuickBooks and how to use them for the benefit of your business.

Automatic registrations
You can use payment reminders to plan your customers’ statements or let them know when they still have invoices to pay.

Receipt management
Receipt management is a new feature that makes it easier and faster to enter your expense receipts. You can allow users to download expense receipts using the mobile app or directly from your computer in QuickBooks.

Personalized payment receipts
Create custom templates for forms such as invoices, sales receipts, forecasts, statements, and purchase orders. You can customize these models to control their appearance and the information to add.

Data-level authorization
Data-level permissions are a new QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0 feature that provides limited access to users and roles that you create. This allows the administrator to create users and roles that have permissions to access customer and vendor registration levels.

Create customer groups
Creating customer groups allows you to find all customers who meet certain criteria, such as location, customer type, or customer status. You can then create automatic account summaries, send payment reminders, or create mailing lists for specific customer groups.

In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, you can use them to set permissions and access at the customer and supplier group level.

Advanced bank flows
Advanced online banking is a new way to view your banking transactions, associate them with existing ones in your books, or quickly add new ones.

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