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Review of Wifi Smart Lock For HomeKit Users

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August is a name used in the smart lock industry for many years and is one of the most popular options for those who wish to enjoy a smart lock without changing their existing locks. Over the summer, August introduced the new Wi-Fi Smart Lock, which is significantly smaller than previous smart locking products and offers built-in WiFi connectivity. There is also an essential HomeKit support for all the smart home accessories I use today. Read on to find out more.

Design and installation of Wifi Smart Lock

By all accounts, the primary thing you’ll see is that the new Wi-Fi Smart Lock is fundamentally littler than the Smart Lock Pro. In fact, says August, the new Wi-Fi Smart Lock is 45% smaller than before. It’s pretty impressive that August has significantly reduced the size of its latest smart lock.

I use August Smart Lock Pro at my front door, so I decided to put the new Wi-Fi Smart Lock on the laundry door. The smaller design of the Wi-Fi Smart Lock has a remarkable advantage in real use beyond the obvious visual appeal.

Setting up an August smart lock including Smart Lock Pro and Wi-Fi Smart Lock is simple. Once you have removed the façade from your existing lock, just plug in the August plate and install it using the two clips on the back of the August lock.

Earlier this year, when I had the latest generation Smart Lock Pro, I first tried to install it on my back door but it didn’t fit. There’s a window in the middle of my back door, there are crowned sills around the windows. The size of the lock meant that the clips in the back were lying on the window sill, preventing me from placing them properly.

The new Wi-Fi Smart Lock is significantly smaller than the Smart Lock Pro it replaces, so it’s perfectly attached despite window molding. However, since i now have a Friday Lock installed on my back door, the new Wi-Fi Smart Lock is designed for the laundry door. Had

The rest of the Wi-Fi Smart Lock setup process is equally simple. Once the lock is physically installed, you connect it to the August app and then add it to the Home app through the HomeKit code inside the lock front.

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Performance of Wifi Smart Lock

In terms of battery life, August says the Wi-Fi Smart Lock will work for 3-4 months. It works with two CR123 lithium batteries that are less useful than the AA batteries used in Smart Lock Pro, but this change probably contributed somewhat to the size reduction with the Wi-Fi Smart Lock.

You can control August Smart Lock Wi-Fi on iOS with the August app or with the Home app or Siri voice command on iOS, iPadOS, Mac, and Apple Watch. In practice, the best way to control the lock is to use a hybrid approach using all three methods.

In the August app, I recommend setting up automatic unlock, which automatically unlocks your door based on your place. You can get similar automation in the Home app, but HomeKit will require approval before running automation with smart locks.

The Auto Unlock version of August was very robust in my tests, and I never noticed it was unlocked when it shouldn’t have been. Of course, the decision here really depends on you, and whether the additional security advantage of using HomeKit automation is worth the trouble of having to manually approve automation every time it runs.

The new Wi-Fi Smart Lock has integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, while the previous Smart Lock Pro required august’s separate Wi-Fi Connect Bridge. For HomeKit users, that doesn’t really mean much because the Wi-Fi Smart Lock connects to HomeKit via Bluetooth, just like its predecessor did.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock’s Wi-Fi connection is useful through the August app itself, which improves performance and reliability. However, ultimately, it would be nice if August’s HomeKit app finally started working over Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth.

Side note: One way to avoid approval requirements for geo-limited locking/unlocking HomeKit automation is to ensure that geofence automation triggers something like light, and then has a separate automation that triggers the lock based on the state of the light.


The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock comes in at as high as $249.99. It’s actually $30 cheaper than smart lock, but $250 is a very high price to pay for a smart home accessory.

The biggest benefit of the Wi-Fi Smart Lock is that it sits on your current exile. This makes it an excellent option for people who rent or don’t want to change their locks, significantly simplify the installation process.

If you already have August Smart Lock Pro, there are few reasons to upgrade to the new Wi-Fi Smart Lock unless you really like size reduction. Because Bluetooth is used either way, this is especially true for those who use August smart locks primarily through HomeKit.

The versatile design and installation process, when brought together by solid performance, makes the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock one of the best smart locks on the market as long as you can justify the price.

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