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Ring Solar Pathlight review – The best Ring pathlights

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There are a number of road pathlights on the trail leading to my house that don’t work well at all – they’re a bit battered, a few are falling off, their lights are always on and they don’t seem to turn on or off at all. It’s the right time. And they have to plug into work.

Out of apathy, I’ve postponed changing them, but after testing the Ring Solar Road Lights, I think I’m finally ready to rip my old road lights off the ground. Just as the ring’s lights don’t have to be plugged in, it’s brighter and has motion detectors that let me know when someone approaches. They’re not cheap, but as I found in my Ring Solar Pathlights review, these are some of the best smart lights for your outdoors.

Solar-powered Road Light that gives up to 80 lumens of white light on walkways, driveways and footpaths when movement is detected. Connect Solar Pathlight to Ring Bridge to enable customizable smart controls in the Ring app and sync with other Ring Smart Lights and select Ring doorbells, cameras, and Alexa-enabled devices.

Requires Ring Bridge for intelligent controls. Sold separately. One Ring Bridge per household is supported. For compatibility requirements and other important information, see Specifications.

Ring solar pathlights description

  • Perfect for walkways and trails – a solar-powered road lamp with 80 lumens of light shining when motion is detected.
  • Ring Bridge is required (sold separately, available in Startup Kits) – connect to a Ring Bridge to enable smart features such as mobile notifications and customizable settings.
  • Smart features – get mobile notifications when connected to Ring Bridge, set up programs, turn lights on and off, customize settings, and connect to other Ring devices – all from the Ring app.
  • Easy setup – Connect to Ring Bridge, customize your settings with the Ring app, and place them in your ideal location.
  • Works with solar power – Place your Ring Smart Light directly in sunlight to recharge and store.
  • Works with Alexa – pair with specific Alexa-enabled devices via Ring Bridge to turn the lights on and off with your voice.
  • Group your Ring of Security – Ring Smart Lights and connect to your other compatible Ring devices through the Ring app to always find out what’s going on around your home.

It lights up all the time, everywhere

Add Ring Smart Lighting anywhere in your home and check them out from the Ring app. Turn the lights on or off while you’re out, set schedules, and even connect your lights to compatible public video doorbells and cameras to see what happens when your lights detect movement.

Brighter paths supported by the sun

Ideal for walkways and trails, Solar Pathlight shines up to 80 lumens of white light in heavily trafficked areas when movement is detected. When paired with Ring Bridge (included in Startup Kits or sold separately), you can control it from the Ring app, receive mobile notifications, and connect to your other Ring devices.

A smarter way to connect your home security

Create a connected network with Ring Bridge. Group your Ring Smart Lights together to turn the lights on and off in designated areas around your home and pair them with Ring doorbells and cameras to always see what’s when motion is detected.

Only one Ring Bridge per household is required. Required for smart controls in the Ring app. The single-ring Bridge supports approximately 50 Ring Smart Lighting devices, including Motion Sensors.

Full control from the Ring app (IOS & Android)

Expand your Ring of Security by bringing your Ring Smart Lights together and connecting your compatible Ring devices with the Ring app. When a light detects movement, it can tell other lights in the group to turn on and start recording ring doorbells and cameras.

Works with Alexa

Ring Bridge connects to your Ring Smart Lights with select Alexa-enabled devices to enable lighting and adjust settings with the sound of your voice. Want to turn the lights on and off, adjust brightness, or change a program? Just ask Alexa.

Technical Details

Approximate install time5 minutes
Power typeSolar Power or Rechargeable via Micro USB cord. 3.7V 18650 Lithium Ion Cell
LightingUp to 80 lumens (adjustable), 3500K Color Temperature
Motion detectionAdjustable motion detection. Up to 120° field of view, detection angle dependent on distance from unit. 15’ detection range.
Auto shut-off timeAdjustable (30s to 2m) via Ring app
Operating conditions-4°F to 120°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Available colorsBlack

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