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Sage Business Cloud Accounting review

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting is good for all small business users who don’t need or don’t need unnecessary features and features. It places marks in most fields, although for greater scalability. You’ll want to expand your Account package instead of the Start option.

this is the Sage Business Cloud Accounting review for North America. The product and its functions may vary depending on the country you are in. We will soon update this review to reflect the differences with the UK version, which includes payroll calculation.

Sage is a British company that has been offering software solutions for accounting for many years. The company currently has the latest version of Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Which, as the name suggests, offers the flexibility and reliability provided by the cloud solution.

Originally called Sage One, the service was called Sage One. But turned into a more powerful package that differs from the 50cloud option from Sage. The most obvious advantage of Sage Business Cloud Accounting is that you get the flexibility and scalability provided by the cloud server part.

It’s worth considering competing software services such as QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho Books, Kashflow, and FreshBooks. All practical options in light of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers both an initial and a more advanced plan that includes billing and cash flow management.

If you like the look of the latest version of Sage Business Cloud Accounting. The good news is that a free trial is available. It’s a great way to experience the benefits of a cloud-based accounting service. But if you want to fully explore its products, there are two options. Sage One Start costs $10 a month and Sage One Accounting costs $25 a month. The accounting package is what you need if you like the sound of access to more than 100 connected apps that allow you to increase the potential of the Sage cloud service.

Another suggestion for small business accounting is the Sage 50cloud Accounting program. This combines “cloud convenience with the power of desktop accounting software. This solution can integrate Sage accounting with Office 365 Business Premium and Microsoft Small Business Productivity Suite. This allows you to use key cloud features such as backup in OneDrive, creating financial reports in Excel, and accessing Outlook contacts.

This starts at Pro Accounting with a monthly subscription of $46.83 per month, with the limitation that it supports only one user in one company, with the option of adding Microsoft 365 for an annual subscription worth $150 per year. It can also automate banking channels, and your accountant can remotely access it.


You can easily connect your bank accounts to Sage Business Cloud Accounting
Sage Business Cloud Accounting regularly updated, and its latest version is ideal for small businesses that need a relatively simple solution. Once you’ve signed up for Sage Business Cloud Accounting, you’ll be able to do accounting, but you’ll also make it easier to track sales, report, and establish contacts. You’ll be able to accept and receive payments, create and send accounts, and do accounting operations within the cloud service.

An added benefit of Sage Business Cloud Accounting is that it allows you to use the same powerful features on your computer, tablet, or phone. So you will always be on top of your accounting, wherever you are.


Sage has been around long enough to realize the potential of a product offering that can used by a wide variety of users who need accounting solutions. As a result, versions for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad are available, as well as a web version for anyone with access to the browser.

As you’d expect from a cloud-based solution. It depends on your Internet connection, but all the data is store in the cloud. Sage provides reliable services in this regard, and performance has carefully honed over the years so you can get a pretty decent experience.

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Ease of use

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a rather dry experience as it is less eye-pleasing. But certainly offers a full range of features and features. If you’re new to its features, you might think it’s a little tricky, because there’s a lot to do during the initial setup. This can be done through the “Getting to work” screen, which, by the way, you can turn it off if you want.

You can, of course, import a large amount of your data and connect to your financial institutions. Which means that most of your accounting records will be automatically filled in different categories. However, there is still a lot to learn in the Sage Business Cloud Accounting interface, although once you get to know it, progress will be much easier.

Sage has done an impressive job of introducing the same experience into its mobile apps, with iPhone and Android working surprisingly well. You can even purchase it for the Apple Watch.


If you need help, you’ll find plenty of options. Sage has brought this aspect of its business to fine art, with email, phone, and real-time support options.

For ongoing problems that cannot be resolved with a quick response, there is also the option of collecting support applications, resulting in your request being placed in queues and hopefully resolved as quickly as possible. You also benefit from the healthy community spirit in the Sage world, while easily accessible and exhaustive answers to frequently asked questions also reveal many everyday questions and difficulties.

Final verdict

Sage Cloud Business Accounting has been a reliable option for quite some time and is always popular with many individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, the interface may seem rather boring, even though it offers a wide range of features.

Some elements of the workflow seem overly laborious and with missing features such as time counting and payroll parameters, Sage Cloud Business Accounting is under threat from competitors. While everyone can immediately recognize the name Sage, this cloud accounting solution doesn’t satisfy as much as something like zuickBooks Online.

We believe that the lowest level of “Start Accounting”, although inexpensive, is somewhat limited and useful only for real microbusiness. On the other hand, the top level of accounting is a little more efficient, and the 50cloud option has deep integration with Microsoft365, although the cost is significantly higher compared to the lowest plan. For medium and large small businesses without dedicated accounting resources, these higher plans become an affordable solution.


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