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Save 100 Dollar on an RTX 2060 equipped gaming laptop deal this week

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If you’re shopping for a gaming laptop deal in the fall, you’re in luck. There are absolutely perfect offers you can get from Newegg and Amazon right now. First, we identified this MSI GF65 Thin for $899 ($999) on Newegg. Which is not only a $100 discount, but also one of the cheapest Nvidia RTX 2060s we’ve seen in a gaming laptop deal. That’s great, make no mistake, and other sites have rightly defended it. But we think this Lenovo Legion 5 was an even better choice this week at Amazon for $949.99 ($1,099).

Of course, it lowers the RTX 2060 for a GTX 1660 Ti, but it’s 10 under the hood. There’s the next-generation Intel Core i7 – a processor that flew the Core i5-9300H on MSI. However, both of these gaming laptops have 512GB of SSD and 8GB of RAM, so you get great utility and storage speeds in both options.

If you’re interested in getting something a little thinner, consider this HP Omen for $1,049.99 at Amazon (it was $1,249.99). This one has a brand new case from HP – definitely facing the track and has a 144Hz display. That looks a bit like an upgrade over Lenovo above. The Ryzen 4800H processor, which is also one of AMD’s newest and best, is roughly equivalent to the i7 in Lenovo, but it’s a nice option for those who prefer team red.

And finally, but certainly not least, this monster Asus Zephyrus S in Newegg was $1,599.99 ($2,999). Yes, this is a total discount of $1,400, and what’s more. Here you get a (relatively) cheap RTX 2080 graphics card. While we wouldn’t normally recommend such a laptop to anyone other than the tougher core of curious game players, this price actually takes it down to a relatively affordable price point this week.

Aren’t you in the U.S.? Check out the best laptop gaming opportunities in your area right below.

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