Six Site building error to watch out for

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Hiding your cornerstones

Your most important articles with cornerstones should not be hidden. Cornerstone articles are the articles you are most proud of; However, some people forget to link to these articles and this is a site structure error that you certainly don’t want to do.

If an article receives no or only a few internal connections, it will be a more difficult time to find search engines and value (such as tracking links to search engines). For this reason, Google will see and sort these articles as less important.

Solution: link to your cornerstones

First of all, make sure you’re connected to your cornerstone articles. This means talking about them in other blog posts on this topic. Our built-in connection tool can help you by recommending these cornerstones (and other related links) as you type.

Also, make sure that these cornerstone articles appear and can be easily found for your site visitors. Ideally, you should be able to navigate to your cornerstone articles with just one or two clicks from the home page.

Not using Galeta flour

Although they are important for user experience and SEO, some people do not use breadcrumbs on their sites. This is another error when it comes to site structure. Because crumbs show how a page fits the structure of your site and allows users to easily navigate your site. It also helps search engines determine the structure of your site.

Solution: Add these breadcrumbs

There are several ways to add breadcrumbs to your site. If you’re using WordPress, you can use a crumb plug-in or let Yoast SEO add them for you! Our add-in takes care of everything you need to add your crumbs to your site and get them ready for Google.

Large categories

As a general rule, the size of your categories must be relatively similar. However, what tends to be is that people write about a topic more often than other subjects. Without noticing.

As a result, a category can gradually grow larger than other categories. When this happens, your site becomes unstable. You’ll also have a more difficult time sorting with blog posts when they’re part of a very large category.

Solution: Categorize categories

When you realize that one of your categories is larger than the others, divide it in two (or three). To avoid categories being too large, make sure you check the size of your categories once in a while. Especially if you write a lot of blog posts. Learn more about adding and maintaining categories to your site.

Using too many labels

Pay attention to the labels you create and make sure you tagged your publications properly. Some people want to make labels very special. However, if each post receives one or more unique new labels, you overdo it.

You do not add builds because publications are not grouped or associated. Therefore, consider the labels you create and make sure that more than one of your existing (or future) posts are associated with this tag.

Solution: Use labels to check

This site structure error can be easily corrected. Make sure labels are used more than once or twice and label group together articles that actually belong to each other. You should also make sure that visitors can find tags somewhere, preferably under your article. Tags are useful for your visitors (not just for Google) to read more about the same topic.

Not visualizing your site structure

The last site structure error made by users forgets to visualize the structure of their site. Visitors want to be able to find things easily on your website. All of the main categories of your blog must have a place on the menu on your home page.

However, do not create too many categories, otherwise, your menu will be torn apart. A menu should offer a clear overview and reflect the structure of your site. Ideally, the menu helps visitors understand how your website is configured.

Solution: Optimize your menu and consider UX

Take some time to optimize your menu to create a good and clear overview of your site. Although the perfect menu depends on your site, definitely keep in mind which pages you want to add to your menu and make sure you don’t add too many pages.

This post about optimizing your site menu for users and SEO will help you with this. Also, think about what your visitors are looking for and how you can help them navigate your site. By thinking about user experience (UX), it becomes much easier for your users to create a clear site structure.

Not to link to your basic pages

A clean and simple menu is perfect for the user experience, but the inability to connect users directly to all your pages creates the problem. Hierarchical font types come into play here.

This type of writing allows you to bring different levels, including a top-level parent page on your pages, followed by subpages, and even grandchildren’s pages under it. However, it is important to show this structure to your users by linking to these subpages. Something a lot of people forgot to do!

Solution: Link to subpages and sister pages

Create a link to your basic sub pages from a parent page to help users navigate your site. However, between the bottom pages of the same parent page, create links to those associated with each other. This not only shows users the connection between your content, but also helps search engines understand these connections and what entities you are talking about. Therefore, make sure that you create a link between these hierarchical pages. This is becoming super easy with new internal link blocks in Yoast SEO Premium.

Site structure errors: fix it!

The site structure is an important aspect of any appropriate SEO strategy. The structure of your website shows Google which articles and pages are most important. With the structure of your site, which articles can affect the top ranks in search engines.

However, it also helps your users navigate different pages on your site. So, it’s important to do it right. Especially when you add too much content, it’s important to pay attention to the structure of your site and the possible errors or issues that may arise. Try to stay on top! And while at work, check out other common SEO errors.

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