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The Best Amazon Echo 2020 Review

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The new Amazon Echo is a serious step away from its predecessors, even if it doesn’t have the best sound of any smart speaker. Add to that the built-in Zigbee smart home center and a new AZ1 nerve-tip processor that will reduce Alexa’s response time to commands, and you’ll have a recipe for the best Echo design ever. After becoming miniature last year, the Amazon Echo was taken in an entirely new direction in 2020 – technically 360 directions. Best Amazon Echo 2020 here.

The Best Amazon Echo Alternative

The new global Amazon Echo is a completely revamped version of the company’s flagship smart speaker, and while its aesthetic overhaul is impressive, it’s only half of it: with advanced audio, a built-in Zigbee smart home hub and a new AZ1 nerve-tip processor, this is a complete makeover that will shorten Alexa’s response time to commands.

Of course, while the hardware is completely new, there’s still the same Alexa under the hood. Alexa will still be able to answer your basic questions or make phone calls within your country of residence and control a large number of smart devices around your home.

So what’s the problem with amazon echo? Not really. In fact, echo’s only big problem is that its maximum volume is a bit soft, especially compared to larger smart speakers like the Apple HomePod and Google Home Max, and Amazon is a fairly narrow-minded company and restricts technology compatible with its speakers. . This means that with the new Google Nest Audio, you won’t be able to broadcast audio to Echo as you can, and you’ll always need to use Bluetooth when you want to connect to your phone.

There’s also privacy to consider: Amazon keeps track of every Alexa request you’ve ever made, and while Amazon has vowed that your records will remain confidential, there is a constant fear that Amazon will be using data collected in this way against us. It’s still a big concern for most of us to let Alexa know when you opened your garage or turned off the lights, and Amazon hasn’t done much to allay those fears. It’s not enough to keep us from using Amazon’s devices, but that’s something we’re always equally cautious about.

If you can get rid of security concerns and invest in Alexa’s vast smart home ecosystem, the Amazon Echo is one of the most affordable and responsive smart speakers we haven’t seen yet in 2020 and is extremely good value.


It’s an obvious place to start and we feel we have to start with the design of the new Echo – it seems like a tremendous difference and downright space age that contradicts what we’re used to seeing from the Amazon. Amazon sends us the Charcoal snover for us to review, while echo is also available in two different colors – Glacier White and Twilight Blue.

Echo’s spherical chassis is divided into two parts: a hard net layer and a rubber-footed plastic back part at the bottom to keep it from drawing your painting. You’ll also see a plastic translucent ring at the bottom that speaks as an LED indicator light and tells you when Alexa listens (blue), when the microphone is silent (red), or when the speaker loses internet connection (yellow).

Amazon Echo with Smart Assistant (Alexa)

While it may take a second or two for Alexa to process our requests in the past, the new Echo will respond in half time thanks to the new AZ1 neural processor, which will work with a revised speech model to process commands. Amazon said this feature will come into full effect later this year, but we’ve noticed a small increase in performance.

Alexa will not only respond a little faster this time, but will also be more capable of connecting to other smart devices thanks to the included Zigbee hub. Connecting a smart device is often as simple as plugging in the product and asking Alexa to search for the devices. When it is found, you can change its name in the Alexa app and you’re done.

When you have devices at hand worth a full smart home, it’s time to invest in some routines to make your life easier. Routines can be created within the app and can include, for example, lighting your locker every time you open it using a door sensor and a smart bulb, or telling Alexa to turn on your thermostat when you get home. You’re back. Creating routines is quite simple and is a fun way to feel like you live in Tony Stark’s mansion… Even if you don’t have a basement full of Iron Man suits.

To support what Alexa can do, you’ll need to add separate Skills that can be found in the Alexa app. While many of the Added Skills are not really that useful, there are a few neat skills worth examining, such as Headspace to help you relieve stress or Song Quiz, which turns your speaker into a music quiz server. At least they’re fun, temporary experiences.

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