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The Best Glamping (Luxury) Tents For 2020

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Camping in luxury tents, also known as ‘Glamping‘, is the perfect way for you, your friends and family to go outdoors without sacrificing the comfort of creatures. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably tired of dirty feet and dirty nails, and you’re ready to light up your camping trips with some bright garlands and patterned sparrows. At Cool of the Wild, the subject is covered. We examined different glamping tents and assessed their weight, durability, water and wind resistance, and ease of installation. We’ve also reviewed individual styles and designs, from yurts to teepees, and collected our collection of the best luxury tents for your DIY 2020 glamping trip.

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Some of us like everything about the great outdoors. We spend as much of our summer vacation as possible sleeping under the canvas. We pack our tents, carpets, and family members in the car at the first opportunity. And while some are attracted by the simplicity of sleeping on a thin mat, cooking on an open fire, and collecting water from the nearest creek, others prefer something a little more comfortable. Fortunately, getting back to basics should not leave you with back pain, smoke in your eyes, and insects in your drinking water. This is where opting for luxury tents for camping can be a game-changer.

The Best Glamping (Luxury) Tents Collection By Easi Solve

  • Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Family Camping Bell Tent: Who says you have to pack your whole family in a huge tent? This is a great choice for a couple getaway with all the extra room and high ceilings. Made from canvas, easy to pack, and install, you will spend an extravagant weekend in the woods. It is held by the main mast in the center of the tent which is held stretched by ropes attached to stakes in the ground. The canvas material is waterproof and includes four ventilation areas near the roof. Install this new home in no time and start relaxing.
  • Outdoor Waterproof Bell Tent for Family Boutique Camping: This tent is just as beautiful as the one listed above but a little smaller. Don’t need as much space and want to save on cost? The Bell tent is a great choice for a weekend in the forest with plenty of space to spare. Install this tent with the main mast in the center and secure the game for extra tension. You won’t regret a single night in this warm place.
  • Happybuy Bell Tent 10-12 Persons Canvas Tent 4-Season Yurt Tents for Camping: A yurt is a little more inclusive in terms of comfort and design and can accommodate three to five people. It can be ideal for parties or more spacious sleepovers with your closest friends. This waterproof canvas tent measures 19 feet by 16 feet when the stove hole is included, which will be useful during a winter outing.
  • Tierra Garden 50-2610 Haxnicks Portabubble Dome, Large: This spacious tent will keep your glamping ideals insight. With room for a comfortable carpet, an air mattress, and perhaps a lamp, you will be extremely comfortable in this tent. A round dome tent that is easy to install and store comes with a waterproof floor mat and can withstand winds of up to 40 mph.
  • Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Montana Tent with Easy Setup: Coleman has some of the best glamping tents in the camping industry and you won’t be disappointed when you set it up and go inside. For eight people, this is the ultimate entertainment tent for you and a few friends for a long weekend getaway under the stars.
  • Psyclone Tents Fixed Floor 8 Windows 4m/13.12ft Luxury Outdoor All Weather 6-8 Person Cotton Canvas Yurt Medium Bell Tent: The Psyclone Bell tent is spacious enough for a full-size bed, some cozy decorations and pillows, and a few of your favorite people. The Bell tent, which is easy to install and download, is the definition of glamping. With eight windows and a wire door, this will be the most comfortable week you’ve ever had in the woods.
  • OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent (Red/Black, 10 Person): Ozark is another reliable camping brand in the outdoor community, and the best family glamping tents for 10 people will withstand any pressure, weather, or otherwise. Its best features are the separator sections in the middle of the tent and the display porch at the front for a little more privacy. Have fun with your best friends in this extremely comfortable tent.
  • Kelty Sequoia 4 and 6 Person Camping Tents: The Kelty tent is ideal for four to six people, with high ceilings and an open net top to watch the stars. Put all your friends or family in this spacious tent that’s easy to set up and store when you’re done. Made of solid steel poles, this tent has been built to last a long time and its best feature is plenty of inner storage pockets, so none of your personal belongings will be lost in a great weekend challenge.

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