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The Best Graphic Design Tablets For 2020

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When we returned to 2018, which could be considered ancient history of these days, we shared with you what we thought were the best Graphics Tablets for Graphic Design. While our selections are absolutely great, the technology is very similar to cars where the latest technology is fast-growing.

We’ve decided to make an update and show you our list of New Best Graphic Design Tablets in 2020, so if you were still on the fence in 2018, our new list will help give you the information you need to upgrade.

These are the best tablets of 2020 for graphic design, drawing, art and illustration.

If this is your first step into the world of graphics tablets, it can be confusing to see different available options. Let’s start with the different options on the market.

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Different Types of Tablets

When you start shopping to buy a new graphics tablet, you’ll usually find one of three different options. Each option take a different approach to providing a way to draw electronically as much as you can on paper:

  • Graphic Tablets: A graphics tablet is designed to be as simple as possible and has a flat surface where you use a pen to draw on it with the results that appear on your monitor. These are often the most affordable option, and while there’s a bit of a disconnect between drawing on the surface and seeing it on the screen, most of them get used to it right away.
  • Pen Displays: A pen screen is a flat-screen monitor with a pressure-sensitive surface that you draw on with a pen. These options are more portable and more expensive. There are many cables that come with these displays when you connect them to your computers, and the surface itself does not have the same “feel” as graphic tablets do.
  • Tablets Computers: Tablet computers are best known for devices such as the iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab, not only allow artists to use a pen to draw on the tablet’s surface, but also allow the tablet to be used as a traditional laptop in addition to its versatility.

The Best Graphic Design Tablets in 2020

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